Monday, April 21, 2008

Here are a few of my favorite things:

Hanging out with girlfriends and talking a lot about nothing and everything.

Alone time with Randy!

Eating at a nice restaurant with my whole family. Tonight we all ate at the Olive Garden. We’ve never taken the whole gang there before. It’s neat to hear what everyone has to say. For Example: We were talking about our upcoming vacation this summer to the beach. Joey told us that the thing he’s looking forward to most is peeing in the ocean. I had no idea that was up there on the list!

I love any kind of spa treatment where I get to lay down in a dark room with soothing music and someone is messing with me! Ahhh.

I love when I go to pick up the kids from school and all the teachers and a lot of the parents want to talk to me.

I love shopping for clothes all by myself.

I love picking up Miles and hugging him for a long time before I put him in his wheelchair.

I enjoy the afternoons when Melody and I decide to watch a movie together on my bed with lots of covers before I pick up all the other kids from school.

I love the way new clothes feel before they’ve been washed.

It makes me so happy when you know you run into a person for a reason and you’re used to encourage someone.

One of my very favorite things is gifts and surprises. Big and small I just can’t seem to get enough of them! They make me so happy.

I love when I take perfect pictures of my kids.

I like when I leave the kids school after I’ve worked a long time and know that I’ve done a lot of work and that I was a good helper.

One of my very favorite things is when I’ve written a perfect piece and I surprise myself with the finished product.

I love when I feel popular.

I like when I have a shirt that my boobs look good in.

I love getting mail and packages.

Oh, I really love shopping online.

I love cooking with my iPod. It totally takes the edge off. I like dancing around and singing really loud as I’m cooking. (My secret fear is that Randy will catch me singing really off key and record me with the camcorder when I’m not looking.)

I really enjoy going to the library with the kids. Hey, did you know that they have about a million books there that you can take home for free, read and then return and it’s all for free! I’m not kidding! I’ve been going there every week with the kids! It’s all free! I’m so impressed!

I love doing paper work! I don’t like doing Randy’s paper work. It has too many numbers, but I like doing Miles’ paper work. I just love filling in the blanks, writing neatly and explaining things.

My favorite kind of movies are musicals! I can’t get enough of them. We sing songs from musicals at my house just about every day. Hey, have any of you seen THE PAJAMA GAME? It’s our current fav. It has Doris Day in it.

One of my all time favorite things is writing letters of encouragement and decorating the envelopes. It just makes me happy.

There are many many other things that I enjoy, but these are a few of them.


trish said...

I love you for all of those reasons! I want to see you more during the week, now that I have time. When are you available?

anniepooinclyde said...


Anonymous said...

i love all these things about you. i feel like i don't know you as well as i will someday...and i'm really excited about the in-between of getting to know you better.

-not sure if that made sense