Friday, May 14, 2010

Hurry Up Summer!

Dear Summner Vacation,
Please get here soon. I miss you very much! I'm looking forward to sleeping in late in the mornings and going to bed late in the evenings. I'm excited to load up the kids and go swimming at the State Park. I want to hang out at the Dollar Movies and play the Wii all day. Most of all I'm looking forward to punching the clock in the face and not caring what time of day it is. I'm thrilled about ditching the 3:00 hour and all the picking up and driving around that it requires.
Speaking of the 3:00 hour...I must go for now.
Until then my dear Friend...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Okay. I’m curious what your views are about gift giving on Mother’s Day.

This is not written out of complaint for my own husband! Randy’s a great gift giver and so I have nothing to complain about! It’s just that I’ve had several conversations with people on this topic and it’s made me question a couple of things.

Here’s the deal. I don’t demand a present on Valentines day. Randy and I may or may not get each other something for Valentines day. The day could pass us by and we don’t really care. For Christmas we rarely get each other a gift. If one of us sees something we know the other one would love then we would probably get it, but it’s not expected. We tend to get each other things randomly throughout the year instead of waiting for the calendar (or Wal-Mart) to dictate when to buy something for one other.

Also, with Randy owning his own business he doesn’t just take off when there’s a national holiday. On Labor Day….he Labors. He’s not a Veteran so on Veteran’s Day he works. If something needs to be done on Christmas Eve then he does it. On the same coin though, there may be a random Tuesday that he wants to take off so he does. (You get the point.)

Anyway, so you see that I’m not demanding a big gift at each holiday. It’s not that big of a deal to me. BUT!!!!! I’m sort of freakish about two days a year! I think that my birthday is as big as any other holiday! Also, I think that Mother’s Day is really important!

I always want my whole Birth-day to be about me. I want to get out of doing regular chores. I want to be treated special. I basically want to get my way all day long and be treated like a special queen. Is that really too much to ask?

Mother’s Day is another day I feel like that. I think it’s strange that I don’t care about other “made up” holidays but I care about this one. The way I figure is that I had FIVE children! Five of them! And that means that I deserve some kind of recognition or something. :) Besides that, mothering is my full time job. I don’t work outside of the home, besides volunteering so it’s like a day to appreciate me what I do for day in and day out.

Here’s where the question comes in…WHO should be the one honoring and gift buying on this day?

Is it your kids that should make the day special? Should the mom be happy with her homemade card and macaroni necklace and hope that no one fights during the day? (If you're a single Mom then this is your present which, I find terribly unfair!) Or should the husband also make the day special and crank out a really special gift?

The argument of course is that the wife is not the husband’s mother so why should he give her a gift.

To me though, it seems like the perfect opportunity for the husband to thank his wife for all she does as the mother of his children. Again, I’ve very grateful to Randy because he’s a giver and he tolerates my craziness about these two dates on the calendar.

However, I know that it causes trouble for other people.

So, what are your opinions about this holiday…or other holidays that are usually associated with “gifts”.

Maybe wives should be more like husbands in the area of gift ideas…Sex. Sex covers all holiday gift giving. Am I right?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Let it Be Lord!

Miles got a Fortune Cookie last night that excited us all. Of course we're not "believers" of the Fortune Cookie, but if one were to come true this would be the one I want! I would love to see Miles "dance."