Wednesday, September 29, 2010

7th Graders...Who Knew?

I took this yesterday at Joey's Tennis Tournament. Miles' white skin was baking in the sun. Someone there offered to get him an umbrella from the car. I thought that was so sweet. Then a bunch of middle school boys kept helping me get the umbrella just perfect to cover up Miles. They were being so kind and enjoyed playing with Miles. They were so happy when we finally got it in the right position where it would stay. Miles kept smiling at them. Who knew middle school boys could be loving? I never asked for their help. They just wanted to. They said Miles' umbrella was "stylin'."

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Official!


I'm a Homeschool Mom.

No, that doesn't mean I'm now making all our clothes out of curtains or churning my own butter. (wink to Becky)

However, I did do something today that I never would have done before.

This morning when I was driving back home after dropping the girls off I noticed that I caught a huge dragonfly in my windshield wipers. I slowed down so he wouldn't fly off then I turned down a side street so I could try to catch him.I thought that Spencer could check out all the dragonfly's unique details. I got one of Miles' blankets from the car and scooped the dragonfly up in it. I thought it was dead. I carried it inside and Spencer thought it was so cool. While we were looking at it the dragonfly started to flap its wings. We took him outside so in case he could still fly he would be able to be free.

We kept checking on him but he stayed on the porch. He kept flipping himself upside down. We prayed for the little dragonfly to be healed, but it didn't happen. We saw ants trying to eat him so we brought him back inside for awhile, but later we put him back on the porch when his wings were flapping more. The ants ended up killing him. : (

Still, I'm glad I brought him home. We had a good time watching him and checking out all the details of his eyes and wings. Plus, it was neat to see a learning opportunity and to take advantage of it.

God is so creative!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Like Totally...

I'm like totally popular.

Really! I'm the most popular person in my house.

Everyone likes me.

Everyone "calls" sitting by me at the table.

If I'm going somewhere they all want to go with me.

If I'm in the bathroom they can't even wait to get out before they have more to say to me.

They all want to sit next to me in the car when I'm driving.

I get a million texts if I happen to be away from them for too long.

They try to sneak in my room when I'm asleep.

I even get kisses before I brush my teeth in the morning.

What can I say?

They Love Me.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Last night Randy had me type out an email to his friend Brian. As I was typing I began to giggle at how little I understood of the electricity world. Randy's not an electrician, but he has such a mechanical mind that he can figure these things out. His friend Brian used to work with Randy and recently moved to Canada where apparently they have outlets that work differently than ours. (I wouldn't really know because I don't know how the outlets here work.) I just like to think of electricity as magic. I like magic and I'm pretty sure I like electricity more than the average person. The AC and I are tight.

Anyway, I copied his email so I could share it with you.

In donned on me why you would have a red and a black on your outlets. If the little wing that connects the two screws on the gold side of the outlet is removed, then the top plug works independently of the bottom plug. By removing the little wing on the hot side of the outlet and adding another hot wire (the red one), the top plug of each outlet will be powered by one of the 15 amp breakers and the bottom plug will be powered by the other 15 amp breaker. The white wire carries no load or very little load so it can be your return for both 15 amp breakers. This way you could plug a toaster and a microwave into one outlet without putting too much strain on one breaker. You could also just power one complete outlet using a red wire instead of a black one to lighten the load on one 15 amp breaker. I've never seen this setup before but I'm sure if you look at your old plugs your gold screws are not connected to each other.


P.S. Sorry if anything is misspelled but I had Brandi type this for me and my email doesn't do spell check in Canadian