Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nap Time

What is it about a nap that is so wonderful?
It’s a luxury for one thing.
It’s so comforting to crawl in your bed in the middle of the afternoon while the rest of the world is working hard.
I love the feel of my covers heavy on my body with the light shining in through the windows.
I feel completely satisfied to know that the door is locked and the kids are sleeping in their beds, and that the boys won’t be home for 1.5 hours or 15 minutes (depends on the day).
What’s better than a baby sleeping?
A toddler sleeping!
What’s better than a toddler sleeping?
A Baby and a Toddler sleeping at the same time!
Oh I love naps!
I love having everything in order and checking out from the world for a few minutes to something as simple as sleeping.
Sometimes I trick myself into getting out of bed in the morning with a quick promise of a nap later.
I will receive no condemnation for my simple pleasure. It’s a treat to myself, and I will enjoy it without shame.
Gotta go…my warm covers are calling.

My Quirky Sleep Habit

I know that most of you know this about me already, but I have some new info to go with it today.

Randy and I do not have sides of the bed. We have been married for 10 years and we do not have a side of the bed. We don't even have a top or bottom to our bed. Every night I decide which where I want my head to be when we go to sleep. I can't explain how I "know" where my head wants to be, but I can just feel it. There are some places that I just know I will not sleep well if I try. So, Randy is the sweetest trooper of all time. He just doesn't care. He will sleep opposite of where ever I decide to sleep. Now, we do not sleep with our heads at opposite ends. That would not work out for us because we are snugglers.

The memory is a little fuzzy now, but I kind of remember how this all started. I remember thinking a long time ago that I liked how we had not settled on a side of the bed yet. I thought it kept things fresh and exciting. I didn't like the idea of for the next 50 years sleeping in the same place with the same person every night. Now, I'm totally pleased with the same person!!!! I don't want to change that every night! No way! But, I'm also pleased that we still don't have a side of the bed. It just makes me happy, and I enjoy being a little quirky. Honestly, even if I took the whole quirky thing out of it I would still do it because it's real to me now. I really do have to decide where I need to sleep.

So, that's the old part. Here's the new info about the subject. I just went to lay my girls down for bed and Melody was already lying down, but Jocie told me that she wanted to sleep with her head at the bottom of the bed. I've caught her doing that a few times before, but I've never said anything about it. Melody just went along with what Jocie wanted. It just made me love her even more. It was sweet to me to see myself in her. I guess I better start praying right now that her husband will be as understanding and as sweet as Randy about the matter!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A night in the ER

Last night my Mom was really sick. Spencer had been talking to her on the phone when he came to Randy and I and told us that she was really sick. He said that we should pray for her. We did and then went on with our business.
A couple of minutes later I got a call from my Mom and I could barley understand her because she was moaning. It was terrible. My brother Charlie got on the phone and he told me that he was taking her to the ER because she was hurting a lot.
I went up there and she did look horrible. I’ve only seen her look worse than that one time. I’m not going to go into that today.
So, she is fine now! Praise the Lord! She had a terrible stomach bug or something. She just threw up a lot and it was better before she ever saw the doctor. That place was so busy last night. We were there until almost 1:00 a.m. There were people there that had been waiting since noon that day! Can you believe that? She ended up feeling fine at about 12:30 so she decided to just go home.
Well, my post is really about how Randy and I passed the time while waiting with her. (Side note: Randy’s brother Michael stayed at our house so Randy could come up there with me. My brother Charlie ended up leaving.)
So, anyway, Mom got some relief after several hours of waiting and throwing up so she was able to rest a little while.
While she was doing that Randy and I began to listen and watch the people around us. Here’s a few of the funny things that people said.

Funny thing #1 On one of my Mom’s throwing up trips to the bathroom I went with her because she could hardly walk. I was holding the door shut for her when this girl (probably college age) asked me what was wrong with my Mom. I told her that her stomach was cramping. That girl said that hers was too. Then she asked if Mom was throwing up, and I told her yes. She told me that she was too. Then she said, “I’m sorry if it stinks in here. I’ve got diarrhea out the butt.”
I said, “Literally.”
Somberly she shook her head in agreement.
Funny thing #2 Before I went into the bathroom I quickly handed Randy my yellow leather purse. A man sitting beside him said, ‘Don’t feel bad. I’ve got a green one.”

Funny thing #3. A lady and her grandson were getting snacks from the vending machine. When the lady turned around she ran into the little boy and said, “Oh shit, sorry, MeMa hit you with her purse.”
Randy leaned over to me and said, “I think that might be the only time I ever hear the words MeMa and shit in the same sentence!”

Funny thing #4. Then the same lady sent her grandson to the men’s room while she went to the women’s room. The mother of the little boy went after him and said, “Ah, Uh Uh, your grandmother is older than I don’t know what! You can’t go in that bathroom. That mans going to get you. She be trippin’!”

End of the funny things.
Last night was the first time that Randy and I had been to the ER since the night Miles died in his sleep. That whole night is so surreal to me.
As I was sitting in that place for hours last night I thought about how much I hated being there, but at the same time how I would like it to be my hangout to heal the sick. I would love to go there every couple of days and be able to lay my hands on the sick and watch Jesus heal them and transform their lives. I was getting jacked up at thinking about this. I know that my whole family will be used to heal people regularly. I’m telling you that people will be set free at Wal-Mart. I’ve seen it. I’m stirring up the gift that is within me. It’s very exciting.

Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm so behind

Okay, as I've told a few of you...I don't Blog on the weekends. This makes me feel very behind on Monday when I'm trying catching up with you girls. I may have to rethink this whole No Weekends thing.

I just wanted to say that I've got some good stuff coming. It's been going around and around in my head. Maybe tomorrow afternoon I will have time to get it all out.

Right now I've got to go do something with all my children. They are wild ones this afternoon.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ft. Worth Update

Here's the Ft. Worth Info:

Miles hip is still looking great. It's still in place. Now Miles only has to wear his brace at night. That's good news. He still can't be in certain positions or use the standing frame, but other than that it's looking nice. The hip will take about a year to be set in place so we still need to be a little careful.

The Ortho doctor sent us to another office to get his brace adjusted because he has some bruising and calluses at the end of his spine because of the brace. I thought the adjustments that were made yesterday were going to be great, but this morning he woke up with terrible spots on his back from the padding that they placed in the brace. Christy and I ripped out the padding this morning. Hours later the sore spots were still on him from the pads. So, that didn't work.

We will go back to see him in 4 months to check his hip again. He plans on Miles using that hip brace for the next couple of years.

Later yesterday afternoon Miles had an appointment with his neurologist. He increased his seizure medication to two capsules two times a day. He was not encouraging about Miles' body tone at all. He was talking about how advanced his tightness in his muscles are. In two weeks Dr. Marks scheduled for us to go back to Ft. Worth for Miles to have as much Botox as he can give him at one time. He will have Botox injections in his neck, shoulders, pecks, biceps and hands. The Botox will help to loosen up his muscles. This will work for about 3 months and then he will have to go back again for another round. It sounds terrible for him to get shots all over his body, but I'm actually thrilled that they are going to do this. The therapist and Dr. Marks is afraid that Miles will pull his shoulder out of socket if something isn't done soon. His shoulders are up to his ears day and night. It has to be uncomfortable. I will be glad when he gets this done. It will be a relief for him. We should be able to see a difference within a week after the shots.

Dr. Marks really wasn't encouraging about Miles body tone. Dystonia for those medical people out there. He was basically saying that Miles tone was the worse case scenario. The thing is that when he was saying all those things (for the first time) I just didn't feel like what he was saying was the truth for Miles. Of course I can look at Miles and see how tight his muscles are and I know that Dr. Marks knows what he's talking about. I just mean that I don't think that this will be Miles issues forever. I didn't get upset yesterday or today about the things he had to say about Miles. I just listened and believed the best for Miles. It felt good.

I'm going to continue to give him the recommended medication and I'm going to continue to take him to the best doctors available to us, and I'm going to continue to take care of all his needs, but at the same time I'm going to hang on to the fact that Miles Wilson will be totally restored in Jesus' name! Then I will take him back to those same wonderful doctors and show them what the Lord has done.


This is my beautiful Jocie. She just turned five yesterday. I want to be more like her when I grow up. She loves, prays, laughs, serves, flirts, dances and much more. She is dear to my heart.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ding Dong Ditching 101

What is Ding Dong Ditching?

It's where you go up to someone's house (could be a stranger's house or someone you know) and you ring the doorbell and then run off before anyone sees you. You could leave a practical joke on their doorstep (bag of burning poop for example). Or you don't have to leave anything. You could just ring the doorbell and run.
As a child I knew this game by a name that I don't approve of. Old game. New name. We actually heard this name from Monica's boys. They taught my kids this @ my house warming party.

Why would we leave a carseat on some strangers porch?

Well, For the last 8 years we have had 1 to 4 kids in a carseat at all times. When one of the kids get out of the carseat it's a huge deal to us! We've been talking for weeks about what we should do when Jocie turns five and gets out of her carseat. The boys wanted to set it on fire and dance around it in the front yard. They also wanted to strap a babydoll in the carseat and then throw it into the street while we were driving. (CAN YOU IMAGINE?) They also wanted to shoot it with their bow and arrows, the BeBe gun and a Potato Gun. Anyway, we thought this would be the least dangerous and easiest way to go. Of course we could have just thrown it away, but that would have been boring.

I will give the Ft. Worth update tomorrow. I just couldn't resist replying to the Ding Dong Ditching comments.

Ft. Worth Day

I don't have much time...forgive typos this morning.

We're off to Ft. Worth today. Miles has two appointments. Please pray. One is for his hip to make sure that it is still in place (It IS). Also, they will tell us if Miles can be released to only wear his leg braces at night.

Appointment number two is his neurologist appointment. This is where we will discuss his seizure medication and tone, Botox, lots of things. WE NEED WISDOM about what to do about all these things. It's a hard balance being in the medical realm and staying in the spiritual realm. Basically I need to hear God about every single choice we make, and it's a hard place to hear him.

Anyway, I'm not expecting anything big to happen today. I've really just been looking forward to going for a nice trip out of town. This kind of attitude is what usually catches me off guard there. Drama tends to happen when we go there. I don't know if the doctors there have a monthly "Bad News Quota" to meet, but we seem to get hit with it.

Also, it's Princess Jocie's 5th Birthday today! We're taking her along so she can be with us. Also, she has a ton of Birthday money to spend. It should be a great day!

This morning Randy took the kids to school for me. Since Jocie turned 5 today she gets to be out of the carseat. BIG DEAL FOR US!!!!! 3 down. 2 to go! Well, we've been planning for a week what we should do with her carseat. It's seen better days. Well, this morning they are off the DING DONG DITCH someone with her carseat! How funny is that? I can't wait to hear how that went.

Anyway, Please pray for us. I will try to get an update on here tomorrow or so.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Let This Bring You Joy!

Last night was so wonderful!

Miles laughed for the first time!!!

He has chuckled a time or two in his life, but not because we made him laugh.

Last night he laughed and laughed because Randy was tickling him! We all were laughing and thankful. Randy got Miles to laugh for about 20 minutes! We recorded it on the camcorder. I've been showing it to everyone who comes over. I wish I could post that video on here for you to see.

Last week Miles was happier than he's ever been. This week he began his week with laughter. I'm looking forward to MORE!

Yesterday at church when Cherith was singing a song about Heaven is coming down to Earth. Miles was singing right along with her. It was so beautiful. (And distracting for others) Miles tends to steal the show with his cooing. Anyway, I could see him being filled up yesterday!

Last night when we were all laughing along with Miles, Spencer said, "Let's praise God for this!" So we all began to thank God at the same time that we were laughing and rejoicing. I felt the Lord right there with us joining in the laughter. I felt him so close to us enjoying this special day with us.

I got out his baby book for the first time in so long, and I wrote down the date for his first laugh. By faith I'm keeping his book on my Scrapbook station so I can be reading to write new things in there often. I will keep you posted.

Celebrate With Us!

Friday, January 19, 2007

A Message From RANDY

Greetings to Brandi’s Entourage. I would like to start out by saying that I love the fact that Brandi has so many friends that are interested in her blog. I’m writing today partially to save face but mostly just to clear the air about what I was going through last Sunday. I don’t know why I didn’t recognize it at the time, but I was involved in an extremely intense spiritual battle and to be honest with you I was getting my butt kicked. Looking back I can see what was going on, but at the time I was just so overwhelmed I didn’t know what was happening. The unity in our Body is getting so strong especially in the area of Miles’ healing, and the enemy was doing his best to bring division. The fact that I had left the room to take my girls to the bathroom along with the fact that my brother was there made me an easy target. I hate it that I missed out on such an awesome time of warfare. I believe that the Lord is bringing our Body to an abnormal place of faith and unity, and I don’t want to do anything to hinder that. Fortunately we serve a good God who is there to pick us up when we get knocked down rather than punishing us for not being stronger. I just look forward to even greater times to come. I love you guys. Thanks for being Brandi’s “peeps”.

I'm excited about this Post! You MUST comment if you read this!

Last night we as Randy and I were going to bed we were talking about Miles and how much we love him. We were talking about which would be better: For Jesus to heal Miles instantly all at once or if for the next year he progressively got better. Both ways would be so awesome. Last night I said that I wouldn’t be able to pick which one that I would like best. Before we went to sleep I remembered that Ashlee B. and Kevin have been having some awesome dreams. I told Randy about it, and then we prayed that the Holy Spirit would give us dreams about Miles healing so that we could be in agreement and be encouraged.
I dreamed about Miles healing all night long! I’ve only had about two other nights that I dreamed Miles was healed, but it always was like it just happened. The dreamed I had last night were amazing and the common denominator was that it all happened corporately. It all happened with our church body around.

The first dream: Bryan and Becky told me that they wanted to talk to me and show me a video. While Bryan was getting the video reading Becky was asking me how I liked Miles being in a class with other kids. I told her that I hated it because all the other kids are normal and it was depressing to pick him up from there and see all the things that Miles wasn’t doing.
Then Bryan turned on the video and it was filmed in the class that Miles was in. Bryan was in there with a bunch of 3 or 4 year olds and Miles was in there in his wheelchair. Bryan was prophesying over them that they were world changers now! Then he asked the kids if they had anything that they wanted to pray about, and without saying a word these little kids walked over to Miles in his wheelchair, laid their hands on him and started crying out to God. Bryan was just a bystander and in awe of these kids. They were praying on their own.
All the sudden Miles leg moved and it looked like he was about to jump out of the wheelchair. Then the video paused as if it was going to go to a commercial. My heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest and I looked at Bryan and Becky and then Bryan got a grin on his face and leaned over to me and said, “I have a lot of copies of that video in my car for you!”
Then I woke up! I knew he had been healed but I didn’t get to see all of it. My heart was racing when I woke up! I asked the Lord to continue the dream or to give me a new one.

2nd dream: This dream was as if it was this coming Sunday. The whole church had a “knowing” that the Lord was going to restore Miles completely that day! We didn’t even meet in the Auditorium! We met in the gym so we could have all the room we needed to worship God. Everyone was on the edge of the seat even before anything began. Randy and I were up at the front, and I was holding Miles. I already had tears in my eyes from all the emotion that was in me. There were several of us standing around and I had put Miles in his wheelchair. Francesca had snack size bag of Doritos in her hand. Miles seemed to look toward her like he wanted a chip so she said, “Well, come and get it.” At first he just seemed like he wanted to move but he couldn’t. Then, she told him again to come to her and he did. He jumped out of his wheelchair and massive worship started.

3rd Dream: In this dream he had already been healed but no one knew about it at church or school I can’t tell. We were walking in the halls at church/school and when people would see him they fell on their face and began to worship God. Miles ran off from us (this has never happened with Miles so it was strange for us) He had ran into a classroom. At first the teacher was Dana Bell, but then she turned into Mrs. Brokaw (the kids Kindergarten teacher) Anyway, I said, “This is Miles Wilson.” And Dana/Mrs. Brokaw said, ‘Hello Mil…Miles…MILES WILSON!!!!!” She was shocked and amazed to see him walking in her room. We were all so happy!

4th Dream: This one is pretty interesting and thought provoking! Okay, we were at church, but we were having church outside. There were chairs set up just like at KLF Downtown. Bryan got up and said that he got a word that we were ALL supposed to pee our pants and Miles would be completely restored. He said that the Lord wanted to see how desperate we were. Of course he knew this was embarrassing and he didn’t really want to say it, but he really felt like he heard from the Lord about this. Well, at first a few people got highly angry and said they were not going to do that. Bryan said that it was going to have to be all of us! It would not work if three people did it or if half did it! It had to be everyone! A few people were sitting very grumpy in their seats when I said, “I’ll do it!” Then three other people said that they would do it. Three people ran to the front…I can vividly remember Cindy Garcia getting up in front of everyone and peeing her pants. You could see the pee running down on to the ground. Then this one man that I don’t know came over to Randy and I without saying a word, touched our hands in a loving manner and then went over to pee his pants. It was like he was sacrificing his pride for us. Then I think I remember Doug Horner peeing his pants and then tons of people did it. It was amazing! So there we were a bunch of wet pants congregation, but there were a few people that refused so the Lord did not honor it.
I was not mad. The crowd started to leave a little, but I did not. I refused to go. I don’t know why but I was carrying a Tupperware bowl of water and I was walking around the chairs like they were the walls of Jericho and I was singing praises to God. My voice was so loud and clear and beautiful it sounded like you could have heard it throughout the whole city. I was singing and singing. People around me were having conversations about why we had not seen a miracle, but I just kept walking and singing all by myself. My Mom was crying and holding Miles when someone came over to her and said, ‘The Lord has said not right now because of that Therapy Suit he has on. He just said not right now. He didn’t say that he wouldn’t do it.” I leaned over to that lady and told her that she was talking crap. That was not what the Lord said. It was that we were not unified that we didn’t see Miles walk.
My dream ended with me continuing to walk around the chairs and praise God will singing.

So, what do you make of all that?

I woke up and asked Randy what he had dreamed and he couldn’t remember. I even had a dream that I was talking to Randy about dreams and we had the same ones, but I guess if we did then he couldn’t remember them.

We talked about the Pee Dream a lot this morning. I mean…can you imagine? Would you do it? We were talking about if everyone did pee and then Miles was healed we would dancing and celebrating in a ton of urine! (Not exactly milk and honey!) I told Randy that if that were true that Miles’ nickname would be “Sweet Pea”.

Anyway, I MUST hear what you think of all this!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Oh my gosh!

I'm sitting here looking up information about joining Gold's Gym and eating a hotdog at the same time! This is RIDICULOUS! I'm drinking water too...does that count for anything?

My Plan Worked!

I'm so excited! My plan worked! I wanted nice Christmas stocking holders since they started putting Christmas stuff out last July! I have a nice mantel now and I wanted nice stocking holders to go on them, but here's the deal...we have seven people in our family! That's seven stocking holders to buy! Those things add up! Well, early on I decided that I wouldn't get any this year. I decided that I would wait and keep my eye on them after Christmas. Of course this decision didn't stop my hands from running over every stocking holder that I loved all season long!
Well, last week Hobby Lobby had their Christmas stuff 80% off. My stocking holders were there and you would have thought that I had snagged them up then, but NO..I knew this week they would be on sell even more! Today I went and THEY WERE 90% off! I got seven of the most fancy stocking holders I've ever seen! These were not the broken, left over, junky, or mismatched stocking holders! These were the expensive ones that people couldn't afford at full price stocking holders! They were $30 each! I bought them today for $3 each! I saved $189 today! They are so beautiful. They are copper. They are so heavy. These things will last us the rest of our lives. I'm so excited!
Aaron got his firewood (read Aaron's blog). I got my stocking holders. What special treat have you recieved lately?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I love 10:00!

Hey, I vote for the kids to go to school every day at 10:00! How great is that? I can get a ton of things done in the morning without being too pressed for time. I don’t have to wake up the boys because they are already up. They’ve had plenty of time to do a few things that are fun to them so they don’t complain about having to get dressed. I was able to take a real shower before I ever left my room this morning. That alone is a reason to start school at 10:00.
What if the kids went to school from 10:00 to 5:00? That would be the sweetest schedule ever! I could have dinner ready when they came home. There’s no end to the greatness of this schedule. Who do I need to talk to in order to get the schedule changed?
I guess if they don’t want to listen to reason I could just start doing the schedule anyway. I could just bring the boys at 10:00 and pick them up at 5:00. Maybe I could get a few Moms to join me until “They” listened. They would soon see my point.

SHE TALKS NOW! (sometimes)

I don't know if this will transfer as funny as it was in person, but I will give it a try.

Yesterday Christy and I had to run some errands so we decided that we would go together with Jocie, Melody and Miles and then have lunch together as well. We ended up eating lunch at the Cracker Barrel and when we got up I put the tip on the table and we started to walk off. Melody was lagging behind so I looked back and she was guarding the money and she said, "What about YO DOLLA'S?"

We cracked up for so long about that. She was very cute.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Here's the Update: Randy and I talked again today, and then again today, and then again today.

I should have told Randy that I felt like I should take Miles to Bryan before I did it. If I had talked to Randy first then he would have felt more in control (or known what was going on) and he would have been able to be in agreement and then he could have entered into what God was doing. It would have only taken me a minute to tell Randy, and I should have. It would have been in the right order. I know Randy would have come with me or at least told me to go ahead. This was my fault. It put Randy in a strange position, and I'm sorry for that.

We're chalking this up as another trial and error as we try to do go through this whole thing with Miles. I'm glad it happened because I'm going to be an even better wife!

I love Randy. He's the best! He's so full of grace for me.


Where do I begin?
Today’s church service was __________!
I need help filling in the blank.

According to Randy and I you would get two completely different answers. I will try to make since of this post, but at 10:45 at night I still haven’t been able to make since of the whole day in my own mind. I’m hoping that this will help.

I will start with this wonderful wintry morning. Ice covered trees, breezy winds and slippery streets awaited us this morning so I was pretty sure that my warm snuggly bed was the place to stay. Randy did not agree. He hopped out of bed and got dressed for church. We had lunch plans at the Parks house for after church so Pam called to see if we were still coming. Randy assured her that we were coming. We got everyone ready and off we went. On the way there I kept thinking about how beautiful the ice trees were. If I had my camera I would have been late to church to take some pictures of the frozen trees. I kept thinking on the way there that the Lord was going to have a special treat for the faithful people that braved the ice to worship him. I didn’t know what the treat was, but I was excited in my spirit about it. Several churches in town closed today and all the churches in Clyde except ours was closed. Since Beltway Park was closed Randy’s brother Michael decided to go with us.

So, church started off great. It was so easy for me to press through and immediately worship the Lord. We were singing a song about how the earth sings of His beauty, and when I would picture those iced trees that I saw on the way to church I thought about how they were singing about God’s beauty. Those things made me think about how creative and powerful he is. Then Bryan got on the mic and he was talking about how we need to press in and not be distracted. He said something about how it’s okay to get out of the boat today because the lakes frozen. He was talking about stepping out in faith. When he said those things I kept picturing myself walking over to him and handing him Miles. I didn’t really know what to do past that point, but I just kept picturing it. Then Brenda got a song to sing and she was singing about getting out of the boat. By this time my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. I just kept staring at Bryan and wanting to go over there, but on the other hand I didn’t know what I wanted him to do. I saw Jo Brown talking to him and I just saw in my head going over there and pushing Joe away to get Miles to him. I kept picturing the woman in the Bible that had the issue of blood and how she pushed herself through the crowds to get to Jesus. It was funny because I had Miles in my arms, I had one leg in the aisle and one leg next to my seat. My body was ready to go, but my head was having trouble making my body move. I just decided to do it. I walked in front of everyone and went over to Pastor Bryan. He leaned his ear to me, and I said, “I don’t really know what I want you to do, but this is me stepping out of the boat. I just want to give him over to you. Do whatever you have to do.” I really shouldn’t have put quotation marks on that because it wasn’t word for word, but it’s close.

He took Miles from me and I just sunk down to the floor and began to cry. Of course for a moment I remembered that my brother in law came with us today, but I just didn’t care at the moment. I don’t know if women at Beltway Park frequently bring their handicap children to the pastor in front of everyone to be healed. Maybe they do. I don’t know what to say except that I felt like I did what I was supposed to do.

So anyway, I’m on the floor crying when I feel a man’s arm on me and I see that Leonard is praying for me. Bryan is holding Miles and I can hear him saying things quietly to him. Bryan seemed to be enjoying himself. After awhile I stood up and Leonard was talking to me at the same time that Ginny got the mic and began saying what she saw about Miles. She said that she saw a picture of Miles when he was about 4 years old and he was playing with her son Austin (they are the same age). She said that she saw them running around and Miles being rambuncous (sp?). Then she said that she saw him as a man and he was about 6 foot 2 and he was dressed in a business suit. He was handsome with blonde curly hair. There was nothing wrong with him. She told the congregation to close their eyes and to picture Miles totally restored.

After this several people came to me or went on the mic and told me what they saw Miles doing. It was wonderful to me. It was like water to my soul.

After this the service went ________________!!!!!!

This is where I need help.

I think the service was a powerful time of warfare. I totally believed that Miles could have walked to me at any second. People surrounded me with dancing and praising and speaking in tongues. Bryan asked if he could see if Miles could put pressure on his legs. Miles was moving his legs a lot so Bryan wanted to see if he could stand on them. He was trying to do this, but with Miles’ brace on it separates his legs so it’s pretty hard for him to put any pressure on them. (It is the point of the brace) So, I told him that I could take the brace off. I said this, but then I realized that he had his over alls on. This made it very tricky. There were people all around me and they were helping me to take his brace off, but that required us undoing his overalls. Anyway, it was chaotic, but we got it off. Obviously he didn’t stand on his own or I would already know how to fill in the blank.

After that there was more dancing, shouting, praising, words and prophetic drums. Different people held Miles and I continued to beg the Lord to complete what he has started. I can say that good or bad…today was wild. At one point I know that Bryan got on the mic and asked that if there were people there with unbelief to please go out in the hall. I don’t know when we’ve had a service like this on a Sunday morning. So, this went on for about 2 hours. My legs can tell that I danced for 2 hours!

Well, after two hours Bryan stopped it and we brought up our offering to the communion table as we took communion and the service was done. I actually felt really encouraged. Of course the desire of my heart was for Miles to be walking out of there but instead I had to put him back in his wheelchair, but even so, my heart was refreshed and full of faith. I felt victorious. I felt like we had worshipped God with our whole being, and that we had faith that pleased him. I felt encouraged by the love of my sisters and brothers. I felt like the manifestations of Miles’ healing had not shown themselves today, but that it was only a matter of time. I didn’t feel heartbroken that it wasn’t today. I really was encouraged. That is until….

Until I saw Randy. I could see from the redness of his eyes that he had been crying. I could tell by the heaviness on him that he was upset. When we got to the car it was not pretty. He was so mad. Frustrated would be a better way to explain it. Maybe I should say mad and frustrated! To use his words he thought today was disturbing, and a feeding frenzy for charismatics. He thought that it was good for them because they got to dance around and feel good for a few minutes and then send us back home with a child that can do nothing. He was so mad and disturbed that we were taking off Miles brace and clothes. He thought that it was careless of those people to take off that brace when they have no idea what we’ve had to do to keep his hip in socket. He did not feel that they were doing it in love but because they were being consumed with their own desires. He was really upset. He was upset with me for not telling him that I was going to take Miles to Bryan. He was basically mad about the whole thing.

Now, remember that we had plans with the Parks for lunch at their house. Randy’s brother Michael is behind us in his van following us to Pam and Elliott’s. Randy is so upset and I’m totally confused! I left there feeling so encouraged and he left feeling so miserable. We had decided that we were not going to eat lunch so we told Michael and he turned around to go home. We talked some more and decided that we should go and eat with them.

Lunch went great. We were there forever (sorry Pam). We had a pleasant time. We talked a little about the service today but not in great detail. None of us had answers so we didn’t discuss it a lot. Randy was happy there. I was glad we stayed. He got to talk to Elliott about his favorite subject…house building so he was good. So when we got in the car and he immediately went back to the point he had left off when we arrived at Pam’s I was blown out of the water. He was still so upset. He was upset at the powerlessness of our body, God…I’m not really sure what all about. He said that he was resentful to me that I did that.

I didn’t know what to say. Believe me that if I could have said that I was sorry and taken the blame for the whole thing I would have done it in a second, but I couldn’t. My spirit was firm that I had done the right thing. I felt like I had done what I was supposed to do. Were we over zealous by trying to take his brace’s possible. Even so, I don’t feel bad about it. Here we are trying to pull heaven to earth and it got a little wild. Randy said that he felt out of control and he didn’t like it. I don’t know if this is something that I should feel sorry about. Please know my heart that this is not a bashing Randy post! I’m not even saying he’s wrong. Truth be told that the exact opposite could have taken place. (Many times our roles are reversed. I’m usually one with the hardened heart after such an ordeal and he’s the one comforting me.)

Anyway, I have felt all evening that I am still in battle for heavenly things. I have let Randy talk, and I have tried to be understanding, but my stance is that I did what I felt I was supposed to do so I cannot apologize for what happened today. He’s still a ball of frustration. Before he went to bed we were talking again and he wanted to say a million things, but he didn't want to be totally negative, but he didn't have anything nice to say. He did tell me that he loved me, and that Pam's food was so good. Those were the only two things he knew. I just feel like today had to take place. I feel like it was one of many times of warfare for Miles’ healing.

Please, help me on this one. What was today? Was it Incredible? Powerful? Powerless? Over Zealous? Warfare? Awesome? Disturbing? Full of Love? Chaotic?

Here’s the deal: I can see the service through both of our eyes. I can feel victorious and I can feel disturbed. I need to know the truth about today.

How are we supposed to feel?

How are we supposed to react?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Promise Land

What is my Promised Land? How can Becky or You help me get there? Those are the questions that have burned in me for the last 21 hours.

Well, I’m glad you asked that Becky because I had no idea and since I asked the Lord to show me my Promised Land visions and pictures have been flowing through my head uncovering my deepest desires that I had never thought much about. The Lord has been speaking to me with wonderful dreams and promises.

At first when we were walking around I began to think about what my Promised Land would look like, and it just involved me being skinny and having a nice family. Of course after that I threw in Miles being healed, but then fear came upon me. I began to fear that there was no Promised Land for me. I began to fear that there was nothing more than what I already had. This saddened me deeply. I realized that it couldn’t be true. I began to ask God what was my Promised Land.

Before he could show it to me he had to take care of some of my thinking. He revealed where I had been deceived about Miles. During the day yesterday through a teaching God began to show me that it was not Him that allowed Miles to die in his sleep, also that it was not Me that allowed Miles to die in his sleep by lying him on his stomach at night. It was my Enemy that came in to steal, kill and destroy my family by killing my son Miles. Randy and I from the beginning have been very firm about our stand on this subject. We stood firm wrongly. We believed that it was circumstances that allowed Miles to die in his sleep, and God’s goodness allowed us to find Miles in time to be saved. We were wrong. I expose the enemy for his crime. He killed my son Miles. He robbed from me. He will pay me back. The Lord will restore every heartache filled day and every tear that has been shed for Miles. The enemy is in great debt! Last night Becky called my name and told me that the enemy had stolen from me and that God was going to restore back to me what is mine. Those were the same things that the Lord had birthed in me earlier that day. Last night as we prophetically stepped into our Promised Land it was like scales fell from my eyes. I began to see that it was true that I had been deceived. I had been stolen from. As I realized this I broke. I wept before my sisters without even knowing they were there. It was like I was all by myself with my God and mourning that I had been deceived, and thankful that he revealed this to me. I know it had to happen before I could go on. I’m so thankful for such a safe place as my sisters presence. After I stepped into the Promised Land I so easily could recognize that my old land had been stolen from and that my new land is filled with restoration and glorious bonuses! Oh wait until you hear and see some of the goodies that my land is filled with! Victory came to my soul last night! My enemy has been defeated and death has no sting!

That was a very important thing I had to walk through last night before I could step forward into all God has for me! I love that it didn’t take forever for him to show me that. It was like I wasn’t ready until yesterday to receive that knowledge, and in one evening he changed my whole thinking and showed me the light about that night.

So, Welcome To My Promised Land! I will show you around to the future and the present. As I was driving home last night I was going to listen to more Bill Johnson on my iPod, but I felt like the Lord was calling me to dream with him about my new land. I asked him a simple question of what my Promise Land (or destiny) looks like and he began to fill me with wonderful and huge promises. He explained some things about me that I had not thought of before.

Of course I still get my first Promised Land of being skinny and having a great family, but Oh, There’s More! I came home telling Randy about all my promises and I felt like I was talking a million miles an hour. I felt for a moment that my dreams were too big, but then I took encouragement to that because my God is so big that my dreams should match!
God showed me that I was going to be famous. At first when I saw this picture in my head I tried to discount it because I mean…who doesn’t want to be famous, but the Lord was so sweet to say that HE made me to like attention. I always thought that I just liked it, and I’ve even felt bad about this before. He showed me that HE made this in me. He showed me the Books I will write. He said I will be a writer, teacher, and speaker. He showed me the name of Beth Moore, but he said I would be MORE with one O. Wow! That blew me away. He said that when people saw me that they would see Jesus. That they would feel him closer to them. He said that I would be very approachable. You know how some famous people (Even Christian ones) you feel like you can’t call them or talk to them because they have more important people to talk to or they are just too busy? Well, he said I would not be like that. I will be warm and full of the Holy Spirit.

My son Miles Cole Wilson will be totally restored this year, and because of the miracle that I will see first hand healing will be as big a part of me as breathing in and out. The healings that I have seen in the Spiritual jacks me up! The enemy messed with the wrong family. The wrath that we will take on sickness, diseases and death will not be pleasing in his sight. There are SEVEN of us Wilson’s that will see first hand the power of God at work and there will be no stopping us. To our very core we will know that our God is the One true God and that He is a Healer!

Also, last night I had to pull over and write something down that the Lord revealed to me. I wrote down that someone was going to give me a laptop. A nice one, and that I’m supposed to write for one hour a day expect on Sundays. My book will be called Rescue Me. I don’t know what in the world it will be about, but that’s the name. I will be looking forward to the laptop and writing daily with it. Look out Bestsellers List! Here I come!

So, there’s a glimpse. I expect that I will receive more and more about the plans the Lord has for me. I love that the first things that he’s been showing me are about me. It’s so easy for me to get lost in the background of my family, but the Lord is calling me forward. He’s making me famous. I’m blushing about this. Last night I asked Randy if he will mind having a famous wife and he said, “I already do have a famous wife.”

Come On God! Let’s Go!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Bill Johnson

Okay, so, thanks to Erica and Bryan, and several other people I am a fan of Bill Johnson. I can't seem to get enough of his sermons. I'm listening to him while I'm cleaning, on the way to the grocery store...all the time. I'm reading his book that he wrote with Kris Vallotton The SUPERNATURAL ways of Royalty. Anyway, in every sermon Bill Johnson talks about miracles. Today he was talking about how miracles around his church are so common that some people are accidentally getting healed. I think he was kidding about this, but lots of miracles are happening or there wouldn’t be room for that kind of joking.

Anyway, all that to say…I just want to hop on a plane with Miles to Bill Johnson’s church and refuse to leave until Miles is healed. I’m not saying that Bill Johnson is the one that will heal Miles. I’m not saying that Jesus can’t heal Miles right now in my home or my home church. We all believe the Lord is going to do it! I just see that the Lord is doing huge miracles in Bill Johnson’s church and why not go there and take a chance? On his weekly sermons he says that people are flying from all over the country to his church for a miracle. Is this immature thinking? I’m really curious to hear your take on this one.

Also, in case you didn't get the link from is how you can listen to Bill Johnson's weekly sermons:

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

100th POST

This is my 100th post. I thought it should be special. I’ve decided that I will think of 100 things I am thankful for.

1. The grace I have received from Jesus Christ.
2. Randy, who loves me the way I need to be loved.
3. Joey, who is just what a first son should be.
4. Spencer, for his fiery red hair and personality.
5. Jocie, that I can see myself in her.
6. Melody, for how much she loves her Poppa.
7. Miles, for a smile that can stop me from doing anything to watch him.
8. A church body like no other.
9. The best Mother in Law ever.
10. A family that really cares about each other.
11. My beautiful home.
12. My Chi so I can have straight hair.
13. My ability to read and write.
14. Easy and quick dinners.
15. My Grandma Jody’s generosity and clothes shopping skills.
16. Free babysitting.
17. Wednesday morning coffee with Rachel and Krissy.
18. Showers and fancy body scrubs.
19. My gorgeous bedroom furniture.
20. Being an adult.
21. My husband’s successful business.
22. $400 a month entertainment money.
23. People love our family.
24. I have wonderful friends that really know me.
25. I get compliments on my writing.
26. I don’t burn stuff when I cook.
27. My house cleaner comes twice a week.
28. Joey has led two cousins to the Lord.
29. My kids love church and life group.
30. I’m creative.
31. My husband builds stuff for me.
32. Miles has a nurse that is competent and loving.
33. I won the champagne drinking contest on New Years. (only 1 glass)
34. Miles looks so good in his wheelchair.
35. Joey is smart and has a funny sense of humor.
36. My kids love going on dates with me.
37. We don’t have a car payment.
38. Our kids go to the best school with teachers that love Jesus!
39. My kids are healthy.
40. My Mom is still alive.
41. I’m a good teacher.
42. My hardwood floors are indestructible.
43. When something gets broken at my house my husband fixes it.
44. David and Candy do my laundry every week.
45. I have one of the most comfortable beds in the world.
46. My dishwasher and garbage disposal.
47. I actually have time to write this list.
48. The word of God is true.
49. My friends pray for my son all the time.
50. We don’t hardly ever use salt.
51. My scrapbook station that Randy made me.
52. We don’t have or want cable.
53. My husband works hard.
54. I’m great at keeping up with my calendar.
55. Uncle Michael likes hanging out with my kids.
56. I have joy in my heart.
57. Randy and I love people.
58. I’m going to be skinny by my 30th birthday.
59. I have internet in my home.
60. My kids all sleep well.
61. _____________(for me to know only)
62. I never had a miscarriage.
63. I get to go grocery shopping by myself every week.
64. My Mom always makes the kids birthday cakes.
65. I’m going to probably go back to school in the Fall.
66. I’m a little quirky.
67. James 1:2-4
68. A home that can fit a lot of people in it.
69. My kitchen table that Randy made.
70. My homemade cards that Rachel makes for me.
71. Disposable diapers.
72. A busy schedule.
73. Physical Therapist that really care about Miles.
74. Miles’ insurance.
75. My painting project I’ve got going on this afternoon.
76. My friend Holli is coming to town tomorrow.
77. Randy doesn’t ever care what I make for dinner.
78. Indoor plumbing. (Can you imagine?)
79. Godly examples in my life.
80. The future that God has planned for my family.
81. I have five kids and I love it.
82. Jocie’s beautiful hair.
83. I basically get whatever I want.
84. Randy and I get plenty of time together.
85. My house is usually always clean.
86. I have plenty of people to send love mail to.
87. We don’t have any pets.
88. Our family loves the Lord.
89. Next year I will have three kids in school.
90. Hair color.
91. I’ve never been in jail.
92. The Lord is close to me.
93. The weather is cloudy today.
94. Sunday afternoon naps.
95. The occasional Margarita.
96. I enjoy reading.
97. I have good makeup.
98. The Lord healed my broken heart.
99. Our Stockmarket game.
100. I have 100 things to be Thankful for!