Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Paper & Pencils & Pens Oh My!!

Today I got a letter in the mail from the kid’s school. I was so happy to open it. I was sure that it had their school supply list in it. Since I will have three children in school this year I was thinking just the other day that I needed the list so I could begin shopping. I hate waiting to shop for supplies at the last minute. Plus, school supply shopping has always been one of my favorite things to do. (For me or for others.)
I ripped open the letter and it did have their supply list in it. I began to read over the tuition letter then I scanned the supply list. The more I looked at it the more panicked I became. I started adding up things in my head and I began to feel overwhelmed. In tuition alone we will be paying $700 a month. Then we have books to pay for and enrollment fees. Then on top of that we have to buy school supplies for each child. Then add new clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, backpacks and lunch boxes.
My lovely idea of compiling the lists and making a master list of supplies was squelched by fear. Fear of What If’s. What if we can’t afford all this? But, here’s the reality. Of course we will be able to afford it. The Lord always takes care of us. He always provides for us. We have everything we need and a lot of what we want. For example: Just a couple of weeks ago Randy felt like he was supposed to get new quotes for our car insurance. We’ve used Progressive for years. We paid $150 a month. Well, this new company that we’re using gave us a quote for only $50 a month. That’s $100 of Jocie’s tuition paid for! Another example: Randy needed $10,000 recently to begin building his first house. Randy called a business that he works with a lot (just for regular business) and they told him that they had some extra money in their business that they needed to get out of it. They offered to loan him the $10,000 so he could begin building his house.
If I sat here long enough I could think of hundreds of examples when the Lord took care of us financially. That was just this month examples. My point is that I don’t have one single reason to be concerned about money. We always have what we need. We always do. I’m thankful for that.
Hey, do any of you (that don’t have school age kids) want to sponsor a child? If you buy their supplies then I will send you a school picture. (Hey, can you buy those too?) Also, I can keep you posted on grades and school programs. 100% of your donation will go to supplies.
I'm just kidding about you being a sponsor. (That is unless you really want to.) My point is that God is so good! He's so faithful to take great care of us. I hate that I still even have moments of doubt. It's ridiculous!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Got An Email Today!

Julia C. Loren
Tharseo Publishing & Editorial Services
215 Lake Blvd., Suite 515, Redding , CA 96003
(530) 209-3225juliascribes@yahoo.comwww.julialoren.net


I am pleased to announce that you are one of the winners of the Tharseo Publishing Divine Intervention story contest. You can direct all of your friends and family to see the formal announcement on www.julialoren.net.

Contest winners will receive:
First place - $100 + publication & 5 copies of the published book
Second place - $50 + publication & 5 copies
Third place - $25 + publication & 5 copies
Runners Up – publication & 5 copies
In the next week, you should receive an email or a letter containing a form that gives Tharseo the right to use your story in the Divine Intervention book series. By signing this form you give us the right to publish your story. In effect, we are “purchasing” the right to use your story through the forum of this contest. Also, please note that in the event that Tharseo Publishing decides to sell the book publication rights to another publisher such as Destiny Image, Regal Books or Charisma House, you may be asked to sign another form giving them the right to publish your story.

Once you sign and return the form, Tharseo Publishing will send out your first, second or third place checks or, for all contest winners and runners up, the promise of 5 copies. Please be patient with the process of seeing your name and story in print. It takes time to collect the stories, edit them, format them for printing and printing the books. The first book is expected to be published within a year…hopefully, sooner.

The review committee specifically looked for the following as they chose the contest winners:
1) A well-defined moment of divine intervention
2) An emotional connection to the person’s story
3) A clear point / message that the reader can take away from the story
4) Quality of writing

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email.

Be Blessed!
Thank you for sharing your story and increasing the faith of readers around the world!

Julia C. Loren

Tharseo Publishing is pleased to announce the following Divine Intervention story contest winners:

1st Place –
Tanya Snoddy ( Baton Rouge , LA ) for “Nurses from Heaven”
– Two nurses arrive to assist a woman who is caring for her sister at home but after a morning full of unusual events, the regular nurse shows up and the woman realizes the earthly agency never sent the miracle-working pair.

2nd Place:
Don Collins ( Redding , CA ) for “Far From Home”
– A man passing through Germany on a train sees his name with a specific message written on a wall in Germany, and realizes that God not only knows his name, He displays it in such a way as to reignite his faith.

3rd Place:
Tom Hovsepian ( Palm Desert , CA ) for “Sentinels v. the Syndicate”
– A minister who is repeatedly threatened by drug dealers moves from anxiety to faith to hosting a revival after a man points out the angels surrounding the minister’s house.

Runners Up:

Family Encounters with God:
Brandi Wilson ( Abilene , TX ) for “Even the Winds Obey Him”
– A boy’s answer to an unusual prayer inspires faith in his family.

Life-Changing Spiritual Experiences:
Phyllis Phauvre ( Ontario , Canada ) for “Ordinary People; Extraordinary Healing”
– A woman ventures to her local healing rooms and receives more spiritual power than she bargained for from ordinary people; resulting in total emotional and physical healing.

Travelers’ Tales:
Gail Collins ( Houston , TX ) for “A Spanish Lullaby”
– A couple experiencing a rocky patch in their marriage renews their commitment after an audible voice tells a woman to wake up her husband who has just fallen asleep at the wheel while driving in Spain.

Angels on Assignment:
Carole Wyatt ( Clay City , IN) for “Angels in the Garden”
– A grandmother with a disheveled garden asks her neighbor for assistance before company arrives but before he comes over to help, a mystery crew suddenly appears, accomplishes a day’s work in record time, and vanishes without a trace.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hey, does anyone want to come spend a few hours at my house tomorrow and babysit so Becky and I can leave town earlier? DON'T STOP READING YET...

If you can at noon (or whatever time you could come) you will only have to watch my girls. Christy will be here taking care of Miles, and the boys will be at camp. It would only be until 4:15 when Randy came home with the boys. You will have to watch Miles from 3:45-4:15, but that won't be hard. He won't need anything.

If you come:
*You can eat my food.
*Bring your kids.
*Watch my SkyAngel.
*Take a nap on my bed.
*Your kids could play on the playhouse.
*You could rummage through my drawers.
*You could steal spare change.
*You could read my diary. (not really)
*You could play on the computer.
*You could hang out with Christy. She's cool. Miles likes her.

So, any takers? If you do this it will add HOURS to our trip! Hours matter!
You Must! You Must! You Must Listen to this Weeks Podcast from Bethel. Life of Faith. The whole thing is amazing!!! Listen to it!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I lost 3 pounds last week! Yea! Okay, 18 more to go before my birthday! Yesterday when I was working out I kept going after my required time. Sweat was literally dripping off my head and stinging my eyes. I was pushing to keep going. When I would decide to stop I just kept thinking that every second that I went past my goal I was taking more ground from the enemy. I was warring for change. It felt so good! I took off my headphones and you could have wrung the sweat out of them. It was gross and totally cool at the same time. I was out of breath and my legs were wobbling, but I loved it! I’m so excited about my repentance.
Our trip is still on Becky!

Monday, July 23, 2007

New Adventures

Lots of things are going on around here. There are many topics to discuss today.
• Secret Sister: WOW! I had the best secret sister this time! I was so surprised! I had no idea that it was Julie. (Who, by the way told me that she read my blog every day to check for what was going on in my life so she would know how to pray!) I asked her why she never commented and she said it was because I would have figured out who she was. SO, now that the secret sister semester is over you are now officially welcomed to the blog and invited to freely comment. Julie blessed me the entire time! She told me that I was hard to shop for…that surprises me. I mean if you were to see the information sheet that I filled out you would have no problems knowing things that I like and don’t like. I made myself plain! She must have read it carefully because everything she bought me I loved. Thank you Julie for being so sweet to me! Now I’ve got to fill out my new secret sister sheet. It’s so fun! I love presents! And, I love blessing the Secret Sister that I have!
• Randy’s work: Okay, starting Monday (today) begins a new season in our lives! Randy’s Straight Path Remodeling Inc. is now Randy Wilson Custom Homes!!!! He’s been in business for himself for over five years now. He’s been buying houses, fixing them up and selling them for over four years now, and finally starting this week his dream of being a house builder will come true! This is super duper amazing on every level! He’s built houses in his head about 10,000 times, but now he will get to really do it. He’s got the loan in order, he’s got the blue prints, he’s got every detail on paper, he’s got sub contractors in mind, he’s bought his land, and now he’s waiting for the loan to close on Thursday at 2:00 so he can get busy. Last Friday was his guys last day to work. Today is the first time in years that he doesn’t have employees. (I wonder what time he’ll wake up.) I’m just kidding. He has busy plans for tying up loose ends. This is such a huge step for Randy! It’s been his desire for so long to build houses and this week he will be able to begin! His last day working for someone (5 years ago) was the day that I had Jocie, our third child! He began his remodeling job at the time. For a solid year he had jobs to do. People called all the time. I don’t know how most of those people got his number, but work was steady. Then the day I brought home Melody (4 years ago) from the hospital was the day he began to flip houses. When it came time to flip houses no mare calls came in for remodeling. It was amazing! Not one phone call! He just began flipping houses. From that day on he had houses to buy or even multiple houses waiting to be remodeled. Now that it’s time for him to begin to build he doesn’t have any more homes to flip! Friday he and his guys finished up his last house. The pattern gives us confidence that this is the way the Lord works things out for us. I’m so excited! Everything is falling into place. Randy and I have been over whelmed as we think about how God takes care of us. We’ve been talking about how it would be ridiculous to question if the Lord was going to help us out on this transition or not. We’ve been dwelling on how favored we are. The Lord loves us so much, and he has his hand on everything we do. We just can’t lose. God is overwhelmingly generous to us. We’re very thankful! I love watching him work his perfect plans! He’s so faithful to us. So, we’re excited!!!! My husband is a home builder now! Wow!
• My diet: Okay, so like I’ve said, I’m back on the wagon. I’m feeling so good! I have a short short time goal (This Thursday, you’ll read about it in a minute.) And then I have another short term goal, which is my birthday in late September to loose 21 pounds. Then, I have a year long goal of getting the rest of the weight off. I haven’t had a coke or any caffeine in a week! That’s amazing for me. I got an awesome revelation for myself when I got out of the shower the other day. This may not be a shocker for you, but it was to me. I realized that soda was not intended for daily use. When it was made it was a treat. I grew up with a ton of soda in my refrigerator, and I treated it like it was something to drink with every meal. When I was dieting in the past I would switch to diet soda. I just realized that the Lord made water for us to drink. So, I’ve been drinking water. Well, water and a margarita. I’m trying to keep it simple.  I’m drinking water, exercising, eating healthy and taking my weight loss medication that I’ve neglected for a really long time. I’m really excited. I feel like I’m going to be successful. There’s not one good thing about being over weight. And, since I have all the power of heaven to overcome this then there’s no reason I should fail. I was talking to Randy yesterday and he said something so important! He was talking about Alan Vincent’s son named Duncan. Randy heard him speak at a men’s BFW one time. Duncan was talking about this one sin that he struggled with for a very long time, and he finally overcame it. Now he can say to the Devil, “You have nothing on me!” That’s what I feel like in the area of my weight! I’ve overcome so many things. I’ve over came lots of habitual sins and fleshly desires, but this one of over eating has been a thorn in my flesh. I’m so excited to get done with it. I feel like when I’m done with losing all this weight that I will be able to say to the devil that he has nothing on me. Even while I’m working on losing weight I’m victorious! Everyday I get to take more ground back from the enemy! I’ve been working out and as I do it I ask the Lord to make my body respond to the new changes a 100 fold. I feel like he’s doing it. This time is different. I have more than cute clothes in mind. I have repentance in mind. I have determination to please my Lord. As I work out I claim the promise over myself that I’m more than an over comer. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.
• Becky and I are going away: This Thursday Becky and I are going for a little R&R. We’re heading to Arlington for a relaxing getaway. I think we’re going to Six Flags while we’re there. Randy found an awesome coupon on the Six Flags website where anyone with a season pass (I have one) can take a friend for only $9.99. The hotel that we’re staying at is only 1 mile from Six Flags and they have a trolley that will take us there in the morning for free. That sounds pretty fun. I’m not a huge fan of scary rides so we’ll see how that goes. The hotel has a pool outside so even if we just sit by the pool all weekend and do nothing I would be content. Here’s the catch. Like I said earlier I’m back on the wagon with my diet! When I told Randy that Becky and I wanted to go some where for the weekend he told me that I would have to stick to my diet everyday, workout everyday (besides Sunday) and take my medicine everyday until the trip or I can’t go! This is his way of supporting me…bribing me. Hey, it works for me! So, I’ve done SO great! I have 4 more days of staying on track. Please support me in this. Of course I think I’ll do fine, but my hotel reservations are non refundable! If I can’t go then I will have wasted that money for nothing! I’m excited about this because I feel like I’m on track again. I really want to stick to my diet as best as I can while I’m out of town because I have a long way to go and starting over is the worst! I’m bored with that. So, this weekend will be very fun. We’ll have to wait and see what we do. I don’t really care. Becky and I can have a blast doing nothing at all. We’re both fun girls. I’m very thankful for our friendship! Thursday, come quickly!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Writing Contest

I entered a writing contest today. I won't find out until October or November if I won, but it will give me something to look forward to. The prize is a book or something. No cash. It was free to enter so I have nothing to lose. I'm excited about it. Well, I thought I would post it on here so you could tell me that you liked it.

The rule was that you had to start the short essay with this sentence:
“The boys are screaming, the mom’s pulling out her hair, and the dad’s, well let’s just say he’s _________.”

The boys are screaming, the mom’s pulling out her hair, and the dad’s, well let’s just say he’s snuggled up to the remote. Being the aforementioned mom, I had a few choices.
I could have tried duct-taping the boys to the kitchen chairs, throwing a sandwich to the husband and retreating to a soak in a candle-lit bathtub for the evening. That sounded like a pretty wise choice except one can never tell when duct tape will be needed next. It’s better to have the tape when you need it, than to need it and not have it. If something gets broken around the house, it’s not likely that it will get fixed properly any time soon, so it’s nice to keep the duct tape around.
Next choice: I could have requested sweetly that my husband, aw, never mind. That wouldn’t have worked.
Then I thought: Well, what if, I mean what if, I ran out the door without saying a word? Surely there’s a movie theatre with gloriously buttered popcorn that I could sneak off to. It would have been survival-of-the-fittest around the house. I wasn’t really sure who the fittest would have been. The thought of coming back home to chaos scratched out that idea out pretty quickly.
To save the rest of my hair I knew that a decision needed to be made quickly. My nerves were begging for a retreat, but my mind knew that things needed to be taken care of. I took a step back and looked at my husband, who was perfectly comfortable in the recliner, when a question popped in my head. I thought, “Would I trade his long hours and sweaty work for an evening with the remote?” I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t. Then I looked at my two boys who were fighting over the phone and I asked myself, “Would I trade going to junior high for an evening filled with phone calls to my friends?” Honestly, I wouldn’t wish junior high school on my worst enemy. I knew I wouldn’t want to trade them.
While I stood there, I made a decision. I decided that I would be the thermostat of the evening instead of the thermometer. I chose to control the evening’s climate instead of boiling over. I chose to be peaceful and loving instead of stressed and aggravated.
I invited the boys to help me cook dinner. I don’t know why it’s so thrilling to add the cheese to the macaroni, but it is for them. I asked my hard working husband if he would like a glass of tea to go with his remote. The surprised look of joy on my husband’s face made my decision well worth it.
After a pleasant dinner that the boys were very proud of, guess who got a candle-lit soak in the bath? I taped an OFF DUTY sign on the bathroom door and was refreshed by the warm water and the knowledge that my family was well taken care of.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wicked Dream

Yesterday afternoon I had a dream when I was taking a nap. I don’t think that I usually dream when I take naps. If I do, then I don’t remember them like I did yesterday.
I dreamed that I was in the audience of the Oprah show. Even in my dream I thought it was strange that I went to the Oprah show because I don’t even watch it. I was sitting in the front row and Miles was next to me in his wheelchair. I had his chair backwards where his face was facing the person behind him. The guest for the day was a woman that was a healer. I think I must have known that she was going to be there. I was sitting in my seat, and before anything began I already made the decision that I wasn’t going to beg the lady with my eyes to heal Miles. I was just going to sit back and watch the show.
The show began and right away I recognized that the lady’s power did not come from God. She was indeed a healer, but she got her powers from the dark side. The first lady that she healed was on the stage and she began sliding on the floor on her back. Her eyes were bulging out of socket, but when she got up she was healed. She basically looked like she had been possessed then healed.
As I was watching things go on I noticed that Miles wheelchair moved. At first I didn’t think much of it because I was interested in what was going on. Then I noticed that his chair moved again. I looked over at him and he had wrapped his toes under the chair in front of him and was using the chair to rock himself. Then I looked at his face and he was completely alert and normal looking. No one had touched him, but obviously he was healed by whatever was going on with the lady on the show. Next thing I know Miles is out of his chair messing around with stuff. I was not filled with joy at all. I was trying to decide what I should do. I was relieved that Miles was healed, but I did not trust how it happened. I was glad he could walk, but I was also nervous about what that meant.
I was on the way home trying to decide what to do, but there was a man with me from the show. He was furnishing my whole ride home. He gave me a brand new truck and he was paying for everything on the trip home. I knew that he was telling me that “I owed him.” I think it was the devil propositioning me to heal Miles for me in exchange for me to serve him.
The thoughts that I kept having were: No one knows where I went. They don’t know how Miles was healed. If I could just get home then everyone would be happy to see him. I have no idea how I’m going to ditch this guy with me. And, how am I going to explain this truck.
I had Miles behind me in a car seat and he was completely normal. I handed him a Little Debbie Oatmeal Pie and he took it from my hands and ate it by himself. There was no relief in my spirit. I worried for his future because of the way he was healed.

So, anyway, here’s my public declaration: I do not in any way desire openly or secretly for my son Miles to be healed by anything or anyone besides with the power of Jesus Christ. I will not be tempted by any demonic forces. I don’t believe that he will, but I would rather for Miles to die without doing one more thing and him go to heaven than him be healed by anything or anyone from the dark side.

Jesus, come quickly to my rescue and heal my son Miles!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Excited Giver

I was very surprised at church yesterday. Jim got up to talk about offering, and he’s been spicing it up lately. Yesterday was no exception. He requested that everyone that was an excited giver to please stand up. I would say that most of the room stood up. Then he told the ones that were excited givers to remain standing and then he asked the non excited givers to raise their hand if they wanted to be excited givers. I was shocked and amazed at what I saw. Let me say here that we were a couple of minutes late so we didn’t sit in the front like we usually do. We sat in the next to the last aisle so we wouldn’t interrupt anything. Since we were way in the back we had a bird’s eye view of the place. We did not see one hand go up (I know there were a couple that must have gone up), but there were huge patches of people that were sitting that did not raise their hand. The excited givers were told to go to the non excited givers and lay their hands upon them and pray that they would be excited givers. Those of us that were standing didn’t have any where to go. We just looked at each other because we didn’t see anyone with their hand raised.

Randy and I talked after church about how curious the whole thing was. We were wondering why the non excited givers didn’t even want to be excited givers. Randy brought up the fact that Randy and I aren’t really very evangelistic. We should be, but we’re not. If Kathy had been in front of the church and asked all the evangelistic people to stand up we would not have stood. However, if she had asked if all the people sitting that wanted to be evangelistic to raise their hand to be prayed for then I’m sure we would have raised our hand.

Another thing that I thought about yesterday was a family that sat a few rows up. I have no idea who they are. I’ve never seen them before. It was a man, a woman and a late teen daughter. The couple was in their late forties I guess. When the excited givers were asked to stand the woman stood up, but the man and daughter remained seated. Then when the non excited givers were asked to raise their hands the man and the daughter remained with their hands down. I felt bad for the woman. Giving is one of my favorite things to do, but for Randy it’s his greatest gifting. If he was all alone he would drive a crappy car and give away all his earnings. He loves to give. Because he loves to give then I love to give even more. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live with someone that did not like to give. My Mom has always been a giver so I grew up that way. My husband is such a giver that we just live that way. I think it would be so sad to live with someone that didn’t enjoy giving.

My Randy

At church yesterday we were told to stand and look into our spouse’s eyes for 15 seconds and then tell them what it is that we cherish about them.
Randy went first and surprisingly, his response was that it really does it for him when I look at him with confidence. He loves it. He likes it when I feel good about myself, and when I know I can handle things. That comment made me feel so good.
The thing about Randy that I cherish was so hard for me to say because I thought that if I started to explain then I would not stop crying. I didn’t really know what I was going to say at first, but when I was looking into his eyes and thinking about Randy I knew what it was. It’s how he takes care of Miles. When I see Randy taking care of Miles it makes me feel so secure. He takes care of Miles needs so seemingly effortlessly, and without me asking him to do things that it just makes me know that I’m not alone. It affirms in me that we really can do anything together. Nothing is going to happen in our marriage that will be too hard to work out. When he takes care of Miles I know that we’re in this together until death do us part.

This weekend we went to two wonderful weddings. They were so beautiful and the couples were so in love. Several times while I was at the weddings I looked around at all the details of the wedding, the dresses, and all the attention that the brides were getting. I saw the couples and the romance in their eyes. It was such a treat to see.
Our wedding was a cheap little wedding. When Randy and I got married no one really believed in us so we were on our own with the wedding. We paid for almost everything ourselves. It was nothing like the weddings we went to this weekend. While I was at the weddings I thought a few times about how fun everything must have been to plan the wedding. I thought several times about the honeymoons that would follow. Randy and I already lived together when we got married so there were no surprises if you know what I mean.
Anyway, with all the beauty of the weddings, with all the romance oozing from every pore of the bride and groom, with all the excitement in the room I decided I wouldn’t go back to the beginning with Randy for any of it. I didn’t leave those weddings depressed that every day isn’t dreamy bliss. I’ll tell you that the peace that we have with each other is dreamy bliss!
The relationship that Randy and I have is too wonderful to write about. We really are best friends. We talk on the phone several times a day, we laugh at each other’s jokes, and we sincerely care about what each other is going through. And there’s no way that I would choose “first time sex” over “totally free now sex”. There’s no comparison! So, all that to say, I love my marriage. I thoroughly believe that besides having a personal relationship with Christ on earth there’s nothing better than a good marriage. Kids will come and go, but a marriage is what sticks. I’m thankful for that.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sharon Update

Today I got a quick phone call from Shirley (my mother in law) telling me that I was about to get a visit from Sharon (Randy's oldest sister) and her friend. Remember Shirley lives just two doors down. I was still on the phone with Shirley when my doorbell rang and my door opened. Sharon and her friend came right in. Sharon had decided to give her friend a tour of my house. She walked in like she owned the place and began to show her friend my house as I just kind of stared at her in wonderment. You see, my husband was at the funeral home earlier this week to get funeral estimates for his older brother. Earlier this week the plans seemed necessary, but this morning with her running around my home it seemed utterly ridiculous. Anyone that saw her pointing out pictures and hugging my kids would have questioned Randy’s motive for looking at caskets on Monday. She didn’t get to stay long because she and her friend were off to the coffee shop.
When she left my mother in law called me to see if she could come over and talk. I told her to come on over. We sat on my couch and Shirley laughed and cried. She said this week has been so emotionally draining. This morning she was crying on the phone as she talked to Randy on the phone. She was crying because her oldest daughter was dying and she was planning her funeral. As she was talking about the funeral her oldest daughter rang her doorbell and busted through the door unannounced. Sharon hung out at her house for a few minutes then left because she had other things to do. Shirley couldn’t believe her eyes. She’s been taking care of Sharon, who couldn’t get up to do anything on her own. Today she was up and going to the coffee house. Shirley didn’t know what to think about the whole thing. She was totally shocked. I have to openly admit that I was a little freaked out myself.
Later today I was just running errands and I was thinking about how strange Sharon’s behavior was today. I mean one day she can’t even sit in a chair comfortably, then the next day (yesterday) she was out walking to stores around her neighborhood, then today she was out visiting family and having coffee with a friend. As I was pondering all this all the sudden I heard, “Why are you so surprised? What have you been asking me for?” Oh my goodness! Call me slow, but I hadn’t even thought of her walking around and doing stuff as a good thing. I hadn’t even realized that the Lord was at work. I thought that Sharon was being freaky. I didn’t think about how much of a miracle it was that she was up and around town. Well, I had to tell the Lord I was sorry for not noticing! I felt so blinded! I know it seems totally silly!
This evening I was explaining my revelation to Randy about how God was the one that allowed her to do those things. You know what he said? With a smug look on his face he said, “Uh, I wasn’t surprised.” I love it!
Okay, so our prayer tonight was that Sharon would continue to get stronger and healthier daily! We prayed that she would be completely cancer free. We prayed that God would heal her mind as he heals her body.
What a testimony! Her family was planning her funeral and her God was restoring her body! Being a lover of God is so exciting!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stomp The Church

Okay, some of you know my love for Stomp the Yard. I’m a huge fan. Columbus Short could not be more adorable. I can say that because my husband has a crush on him too. I’ve been saying that our church needs to start our own Stomp team. Well, last night I thought of the perfect name for our team! It can be Stomp The Devil! We can have T-shirts with our initials on it! STD. We can do specials and stuff. I’m very excited. If you would like to join my Stomp team then let me know so I can check out your skills. Randy has been showing me his skills, and I’m afraid that he will not be on the team. Hey, I’ve got a rep. to uphold ya know!


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Writing Contest

Okay, I'm so excited. I decided to check Julia Loren's website...just in case. And, the winner annoucement for the writing contest was moved up to the first week of August (Instead of the 15th). I'm excited and impatient about that! I want to know if I won!!!!
Well, they didn't get as many entries as they were hoping for. That's a bummer because it delays the publishing, but hopefully they will have another contest and I will be able to win that one as well. That would be sweet!
Anyway, I'm just excited! I wanted to share the news.
Also, she said that a couple of well known ministers committed to putting a couple of their stories in the book as well. Let's all think about who those ministers are for a second. She didn't mention any names but she goes to Bill Johnson & Kris Vallotton's church! HELLO...my writing could be one page over from Bill Johnsons!!! (Picture me jumping up and down and squealing like a little girl!)
Lord, give me the patience to wait for the first of August AND PLEASE LET ME WIN!!!!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Aaron's Birthday

Tonight was so fun. We celebrated Aaron Laughlin’s 30th birthday. Several friends met at Perini Ranch in Buffalo Gap. I must mention that this place had the best steak I’ve ever had in my entire life. I thought Randy was the man on the grill, but I’m afraid I’ve met a new man! Dinner was full of laughter and criss-cross conversations. The food was perfect. The fellowship was perfect.
After dinner the Laughlins, Jennifer, Cole and the Capperton’s came over to the house for some Texas Hold Em’. We had so much fun! We laughed so hard. We used lots of poker lingo (some used it better than others.) The word crap, which is a bad word at our house was used 4 times. Two of those times was by me…crap! I will say that that the girls ruled most of the game, but over all the Capperton powerhouse prevailed! They wiped us clean! I hung with them until the end, but they took all my moola. That’s okay though because they passed out they’re winnings as soon as they got them. How generous!
So, to my dear friend Aaron…Happy 30th! You had a great party! You’re one of my favorite people in the whole world.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Pool Fun

Hey, let's play a guessing game.

Guess who went to the State Park today?


Guess who else came?

Uh, give up...No One!

Well, I didn't mind. It was so great today! The weather was perfect! The kids and I had a blast. They kept asking me where all of you were and if I thought any of you were coming. :) I guess not.

I'm a huge fan of the State Park Pool. It's so fun there! Maybe next week some of you will join me!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It was a Mean Joke!

Guess what Randy...I'm Pregnant!

You might think the red eye was a camera problem, but it was actual fire coming from his eyes!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Jocie's Baptism

Yesterday was a very special day at the Wilson home, and in the Kingdom of Heaven! She was baptized after church. About a month and a half ago we went to ACU for a sibling class the kids got to go to because of Miles. They had a blast. They actually got to play hide in go seek with ACU students. My kids thought they were supposed to get to go bowling, but the hide in go seek was much better in their opinion. After we picked up the kids we decided to walk around the campus a little bit. Randy and I had heard about the Jacob’s Ladder sculpture, but we had not seen it yet. Our whole family was in awe of the statue and the rocks that surrounds it. It’s one of the most amazing things we have in Abilene. We hung out there for a long time and Jocie decided that she wanted to be baptized at that place.
Randy and I thought it was a great idea, but we wanted to talk to Jocie more about baptism before we just did it. So, we both talked to her several times over the last month and a half. She wanted to talk about it all the time. She told us over and over that she wanted to get baptized at ACU. She was sure that was the place. She was sure that she needed to be baptized. She was sure that it needed to be done soon! She had such a passion to be baptized!
Right after she woke up yesterday she came up to Randy while he was still in bed and told him that she needed to be baptized. He woke me up and told me that we were going to do it after church. I could see that his mind was made up so I just started to think how we could do it successfully. During breakfast I asked her why she wanted to get baptized and she said in the sweetest and shy voice, “Because I want to be a new creation.”
On the way to church we went by ACU to make sure the little pool they have there was set up and in working order. We ran over to the pool and it looked so beautiful and perfect. Jocie was as thrilled as she could be.
On the way to church we called several people in our family to invite them to watch Jocie get baptized. It was short notice, but they were excited about the news. They all knew it was coming because it’s been Jocie’s main topic of conversation lately. I called Randy’s sister Sharon to invite her, but when I called she was having a panic attack because of the pain that she was in. Her nurse was there and giving her more medicine to knock her out. She begged me to pray for her. I was so sad to hear the fear in her voice. I did pray for her before I went into church.
After church I invited Becky and Brian to watch Jocie be baptized. Awhile back I had talked to Becky about her desire to be baptized and she told me that she wanted to be invited when the day came. I was so happy to hear that she was available to come. I know after church is a busy time for them, but they got to ACU before us! It made it very special that they came.
Becky and Brian were there, my Mom came, and so did Grandma Shirley and Harry. It’s such a beautiful place to be. There’s a huge statue of Jacob’s Ladder where angels are ascending and descending from heaven. To me it felt like we were standing under a porthole of heaven. We saw huge gold flakes around the water. I’ve never seen them there before. It seemed like it was real gold. The whole place just seemed like Holy Ground.
Randy stood with Jocie before our family and explained why she wanted to be baptized then I prayed over her. As I watched Jocie and Randy walk down into the water my heart felt so happy. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I was watching a Father and Daughter obeying the very Word Of God. Jocie was so happy to be baptized. She listened and did what Randy told her to do then he baptized her in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. She was all smiles when she came out of the water. It was very cute. We let her stay in the water for a couple of minutes while her very hot brothers and sister watched her splash in the cool water.
Randy’s Mom requested that we pray for Sharon before we all left. We all stood in a circle and prayed for healing angels to go to Sharon and heal her body completely. We commissioned angels to do their work in Sharon’s body. I think it was the perfect thing to do after Jocie’s baptism.
So, enjoy these photos of my beautiful Jocie girl on her special day! My prayer is that she seeks after God her whole life the way she went after being baptized! She is so pleasing to God! Before we left I told my Mom, “Hey, if she picked such a beautiful place to be baptized just think about the place she will pick to be married!” You know my Mom was grinning from ear to ear about that statement!