Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Pictures

We took Easter pictures the other day (just like the rest of the people did on Facebook.) 

I could have posted all the perfect pictures with the kid's eyes open and everyone smiling and looking at the camera but that wouldn't be any fun for you to look at. are some Out Takes from our Easter Portrait session. 
(Photos taken by various members of our own family with my iPhone.) 

First up we have Randy with the girls...I kept making him stand up straight because he kept hunching over. Here Randy is over dramatizing the hunch. 

Who really knows what was going on here. We weren't planning on doing any Charlie's Angel's photos. What I do love here is the genuine laugh coming out of Joey. It cracks me up. 

And here we have a picture of Randy trying to imitate "Uncle Rico's photo shoot" on Napoleon Dynamite. I love it. This one is actually a keeper. 

 Here is Spencer later in the day trying to imitate Randy's "Uncle Rico pose." Eyes Shut
 Cracking up about not trying to crack up.
 Trying to keep a straight face. 
 YES! Here we go! Spencer's impression of Randy's impression of Uncle Rico. 

 This one is just a fail all the way around. 

This photo is what you call an ALMOST. Almost everyone had their eyes open. Now this picture happens to be Spencer with his eyes closed but it could have been any number of other photos with one of the other kid's eyes closed. Thank goodness for digital cameras! 

This one isn't so much of an out take photo. It's just that they boys are getting so tall that by next Easter I think I will be a front row girl and the boys will have to be behind me. 

This one is an out take! It wouldn't have been fair to put a whole lot of bad pictures of everyone without adding one of me. This is when I was trying to get Spencer into the right position and he began to wrestle me and pull my hair! 

This was not planned. I was trying to take a picture of the girls together when Spencer jumped in front of the camera in the last second. I have several of these sort of pics as well. 

Now here are some of the cute ones to bore you to death for you to enjoy.