Tuesday, July 27, 2010

High Tech

In the last month Miles has had 4 doctor appointments to see different doctors. 2 have been here in town, one in Ft. Worth and the latest one was here in town with a Dr. from Ft. Worth in the Cook Hospital clinic we have on Ambler.

All 4 offices are in the process of going “paperless.” There’s no more charts at the door, checking insurance cards, prescription pads or check out sheets. They’ve all been replaced by lap tops and no eye contact.

The office visits are all longer as the nurses and doctors try to master the program. The visits are longer and more detailed, but less personal. Their eyes are glued to the computer for 96% of the time. I’m thinking it will get better in time when they’re used to working with the program more.

It’s so interesting because I’m getting to watch a new era in medicine take place. The Dr. from Ft. Worth was able to see what the Dr. in Abilene recently did and the notes that he put about Miles’ latest surgery and the complications. They’re all able to see what medicines he’s taking and have all the correct dosages. It’s all very impressive.

At the Cook clinic today I was in a room where they can do “web medicine.” (That’s my own term.) In that room a Dr. from anywhere can “see” you through the web cam. It’s a live feed. There are attachments where the Dr. can see in the ears and throat. They also have some kind of sensor machine where the Dr. can see a certain part of skin up so close you can count the pores in the skin. It’s all very amazing. I snapped a picture for ya.


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