Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Official!


I'm a Homeschool Mom.

No, that doesn't mean I'm now making all our clothes out of curtains or churning my own butter. (wink to Becky)

However, I did do something today that I never would have done before.

This morning when I was driving back home after dropping the girls off I noticed that I caught a huge dragonfly in my windshield wipers. I slowed down so he wouldn't fly off then I turned down a side street so I could try to catch him.I thought that Spencer could check out all the dragonfly's unique details. I got one of Miles' blankets from the car and scooped the dragonfly up in it. I thought it was dead. I carried it inside and Spencer thought it was so cool. While we were looking at it the dragonfly started to flap its wings. We took him outside so in case he could still fly he would be able to be free.

We kept checking on him but he stayed on the porch. He kept flipping himself upside down. We prayed for the little dragonfly to be healed, but it didn't happen. We saw ants trying to eat him so we brought him back inside for awhile, but later we put him back on the porch when his wings were flapping more. The ants ended up killing him. : (

Still, I'm glad I brought him home. We had a good time watching him and checking out all the details of his eyes and wings. Plus, it was neat to see a learning opportunity and to take advantage of it.

God is so creative!


Fiver said...

this is one quality i have aquired as a mommy . . .

the ability to look at all things dead, moldy, or otherwise unappealing to the average person!

GOOD for you! What a great mommy you are!!

hope you guys are doing well,


The Mac Fam said...

Congrats on becoming a homeschool mom. We are on our third year and we love it. However, I never would have done what you did with the dragonfly. So, kudos to you!!