Friday, February 08, 2008

I've got his Marker

Yesterday Randy didn't get home from work until after 9:00. He worked all day and he had to do some plumbing for some people because he told them he would. Well, yesterday was a really hard day for me. Miles was crying and crying because he didn't feel well. Even his physical therapist gave up working on him yesterday because he was hurting and having so many seizures. It was terrible. So, after taking care of him all day while he felt absolutley terrible and THEN finding out that Randy wasn't coming home at five...I had a choice to make. My flesh was ready to scream and freak out. I didn't know that Randy was going to be working late. I was looking forward to him coming home and helping out with his crying kid. Well, I decided not to be mad. I told Randy that I had a really hard day but that I would be just fine.
I didn't think he would be gone as long as he was, but I still stuck with a good attitude. Some time in the evening I texted him saying, "Gifts and Surprises." I don't know if any of you read Monica C.'s blog yesterday but she was talking about not expecting your spouse to know what you need if you don't tell him. With that in mind I went ahead and told Randy that a gift when he came home would give me something to look forward to.
Well, I should say a big Thank You to Monica! It worked out for me! When Randy came home he said that instead of stopping at a store and taking even longer to come home that he felt like the Lord gave him an idea. He pulled something out of his pocket and told me that he was giving me his "Marker." (Have you seen Guys & Dolls?)

So, this is what he gave me:

In case you can't read on his fancy napkin stationary, it says: I.O.U. 1 day off. 18 Hours notice required. Randy Wilson

He said that I could have a day off to do whatever I wanted. He said that he would take off work and do all the things that I usually do! Can you believe that??!?!?!?!?!!!!!


Pamelotta said...

That Randy Wilson. What a guy!

Way to text your mind, Brandi!

Anonymous said...

This is a great testimony...I'm totally going to try it! By the way, Randy has the funniest handwriting ever!

Ashlee said...

Awww...that is so sweet. I teared up a little reading that.

trish said...

I totally love real love.

mccobbey said...

ROCK ON, RANDY! I'm so excited to hear that, Brandi! You totally needed something to look forward to after such a hard day and instead of taking out your fatigue and frustration on your unsuspecting husband, you opened up yourself, willingly making yourself vulnerable to him and allowed him to really bless you! Way to allow go, Brandi! It's hard to not let the flesh rule your responses!

When I was reading your entry, I was expecting something like a Frappuccino or maybe a little gift. But a whole day off?! Where he actually takes the day off from work?! That's truly an act of love, sacrifice and totally what Jesus would do.

mccobbey said...

By the way, I'm proud of you, Brandi! I meant to say that in my first response.

anniepooinclyde said...