Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Clothes Shopping

I got to go get a couple of new outfits for the BFW. That was a blessing to me.

When I was walking into ROSS I prayed that I would be able to find some things that fit, looked good, the process wouldn't take long and that I wouldn't leave there depressed about how I looked in anything. You know the drill.

Well, I went in, threw anything that I remotely liked in the basket, which happened to be 9 items. I could only take in 8 so I got rid of one. Then I went in my "Lucky Dressing Room." You have a "Lucky Dressing Room don't you? You know, the dressing room in your favorite store that always makes sure that the clothes you have picked out look good on you? It's dangerous to just pop in the first open dressing room that you see. You don't know what you'll end up with! At ROSS I always go to the last door on the left of the first row to try on clothes. Now if someone was already in there I would probably just go to another dressing room. That is unless I was shopping for a special occasion. In that case I would just wait impatiently for the person to get out so I could go in.

In most places that I go to frequently, I have a particular bathroom stall that I go into. I don't go there because it's "lucky" but because it's familiar. At the CENTURY I go to the 4th stall on the left. Always the left side. I don't know if I could make myself pee on the right side. Pediatric floor of Hendrick I use the first stall. I've never seen the rest of them. Hobby Lobby, before the remodel I always went to the middle stall. BTW, they just went from having the nastiest bathroom in town to the nicest! Good for them.

I am a creature of habit.

Good news...I took in 8 items into the "Lucky Dressing Room." I bought 7 of them!!! It was a winner!


Rachel said...

That must be why I hate clothes shopping!! I haven't found my lucky dressing room!! ;)


thats my problem then..I don't have a lucky dressing room at Cato's.
I love Cato's. have you shopped there yet? It is the most amazing store i have found in Abilene.
Im sure you will look amazing this week-end at the BFW. See ya there

therextras said...

I shop almost exclusively at Ross. Similar pattern of load up the basket and then the try-on marathon. But I cannot count on the same stall everytime.

Previous post (scream) - scary. Hope you feel better. Barbara

High in Demand said...

you are so neat,
love Randy