Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jocie & Jesus

Today when I was giving Miles a bath Jocie was praying. After the bath I had Miles wrapped up in a towel "like Baby Jesus." (That's what Melody told me to do.) Anyway, as I was walking through the living room to get Miles to his room Jocie told me something so amazing! Here's what she said:

I was praying and I asked Jesus, "Why did you pick Obama to be our President?" He said, "Because I need him to." Then she asked Jesus WHY. She said that Jesus said, "Because I love him and I needed to give him a chance."

I was so impressed with what she said. First of all I had no idea that she was concerned with our President. Besides that I'm so glad she's confident that she hears the voice of the Lord. Also, it's just like God to say that he loves Obama and that He's giving him a chance! I also love that she knows even though we vote, it's still up to God who gets put in the office.

I'm so proud of that girl!



that is so awesome

Anonymous said...

that is really awesome...i'll see if i can get cole to read this. i think it would be good for him to remember that god place obama in the whitehouse for a reason. about the dressing and bathroom stalls...i totally do the same thing-at least with bathroom stalls. dressing room, not so much. and the laundry: i just do laundry every 5 days or so. i like to do 4 or 5 loads at a time. not the most organized way, but it works for now.

p.s. do you remember the days when it was just you and randy and you did laundry like every 8 or 9 days? at least, that's how it was with me and cole.

High in Demand said...

No, I don't remember that Cherith!