Wednesday, May 06, 2009

8 Things

Hey, I figure if this topic can bring Francesca back to blog then I can surely do it! So, thanks Rachel!

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To Do:

1. Seeing Miles totally healed!
2. Being a part of something that is world wide amazing!
3. Seeing my name & book on the #1 Bestseller's List.
4. Being a Grandmother. ( I know this is far far off, but I'm still so excited to hold Spencer's Red Headed Babies!)
5. Summer with the kids.
6. Not owning any medical equipment at my house.
7. Seeing my children marry Godly men & women.
8. Buying a Medium shirt for myself.

8 Things I wish I Could Do:

1. Go on a responsibility free vacation with my husband.
2. Enjoy vegetables & working out.
3. Go to a spa regularly.
4. Heal everyone with brain problems.
5. Be mechanically inclined.
6. Have my Mom's house totally remodeled.
7. Tell my Grandma Jody one more time how much she meant to me.
8. Never have to sleep.

8 Shows That I'm currently watching:

1. The Office
2. Parks & Recreation
3. 30 Rock, man I hate admitting that I like that show!

I will tag...hmmm...Cherith, Cherry & Annie.


God's Warrior Bride said...

I'm totally loving these lists - first off because everyone is blogging and secondly because I miss not reading what everyone is up to.

Brandi, you list is perfect and I'm right there with you.


i also want to see #1 on your first list. i can't wait....

Francesca said...

Don't get too excited. This was extenuating circumstances...I was called out by name.