Thursday, May 21, 2009



It’s in our government.

It’s in our church.

It’s in our school.

More importantly to me…It’s going on all around me.

Don’t forget to breathe Brandi!

The Lord knows that I enjoy change. I don’t like the same ol’ thing all the time. I enjoy things to move & shake, but there’s just too much movin’ an’ a shakin’ goin’ on around me.

Nothing is particularly wrong with the changes. It’s just that there’s so many all at once.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for my kids. After that they’ll be at home all day everyday. That’s five children at home all day everyday. That’s five children trying to tell me something very important all day everyday. I actually enjoy summers with the kids. It’s just a big change in our life.

There’s no more baseball. Spencer’s season is over. I really enjoyed going to his games and even his practices.

My little Melody is graduating from Kindergarten in just a couple of hours. She’s my “Baby Lots.” How can she be big enough is be done with Kindergarten?

I’m not going to have my quiet time with Miles or myself during the day since it will be summer. It’s great for Miles because he has lots of interaction with the other kids, but at the same time I’m so distracted that I don’t feel like I ever get everything done for him that he needs. It’s always a struggle for me to attend to all his needs when I’m constantly pulled in several directions.

There’s no more Life Groups. We had a meeting Sunday where we were told that Life Groups are over. I’m fine with it. I kind of understand the meaning behind the decision. It’s just that Randy and I have been Life Group leaders for the last 7 or 8 years and now it’s not. That’s a pretty big change!

Changes at school have been made for next year. Of course those particular things don’t matter much until the Fall, but they still keep reminding me of their impending plans to mix things up.

I’m now involved with our personal finances. I haven’t been is many years. Randy needs my help now with our personal finances and with the business’. I’ve never been a part of the “paperwork” for his business, but he needs me to be now. This will be sort of like a work at home job for me. I’m excited about this change, but it’s just so far from where I’ve been for years.

Miles is going to have physical therapy at the house this summer because I’ll have all the rest of the kids with me. This means that I won’t be going to the rehab.

Possibly the biggest change, and perhaps the culprit for stirring up all my emotions is the fact that Joey’s last day at Cornerstone is tomorrow. He has outgrown the school. He will be in middle school next year. My first baby that I brought home from the hospital so many years ago is now eating an adult meal from the menu. He’s too big for Children’s Church. He’s almost as tall as me and he borrows his Poppa’s socks.

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another. ~Anatole France

Yes, that’s what it is that I feel…melancholy. Melancholy and sentimental.


Amanda said...

I so understand what you're feeling with Joey! I so want Alexis to go to 6th grade next year, but at the same time it hurts too much to even think about it. When I thought she wouldn't be able to go I was so sad for her. I thought I would be secretly happy, but I wasn't. Which middle school is Joey going to be attending?

High in Demand said...

He will go to Madison.

It's a good school...from what I hear anyway.

I know it will be good once he gets settled into a routine there. It just seems like a big step!

Is Alexis for sure getting to go to the 6th grade?

God's Warrior Bride said...
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God's Warrior Bride said...

I am the total opposite of you - I detest change - I would say it has to do with my age, but the fact is I have never liked change and don't usually do it very well. Which is so funny, since I live in a constant state of change. From the government, my jobs, my church, and my friends and family there is an on going pattern of change daily.

Within the past 7 months we have experienced job changes, a son was divorced and has to split custody of his daughters, our daughter got married, one son graduated college, a new granddaughter was born, 2 granddaughters are graduating kindergarten (OUCH), my brother-in-law's cancer returned and the following surgeries, I've had surgery, a couple of friends passed away, and the loss of life group just to name a few things. I posted on Facebook that I am discontent, disconnected, disappointed and down-hearted all at the same time and I know it's because of all the on going change.

While I also know that change is not bad and I'll even adjust to it, I just want the world to stop and let me off so that change can just go on without me just of today. Depressing, huh?

On a lighter note, Ashley goes to Madison and she really likes it and I know that Joey will like it too. But you are correct in that it is a BIG step.

Sorry for the rant about change! I guess I've had enough for a day or two.

Amanda said...

We're not absolutely sure she's going, but her teachers feel very confident that she'll pass the TAKS re-tests with all the extra tutoring she has right now. I'm praying she'll pass and be in 6th grade!!! I'm also praying we won't ever have to stress about this type of stuff again. The tutor is really helping!!! If I can afford to, I really want to keep the tutor for next year too

Bryan and Becky said...

That is why I take photographs! The only way you can freeze time!!

Change isn't fun and a little sad, but just wait...the next season will be as good as the last or better :)

Ashlee said...

Kevin's Mom works at Madison. I'll tell her to look out for him. She actually invents a lot into the kids there. It is VERY hard for me to imagine Joey being that big. I remember him going into K very clearly. I guess with Lydie going into first grade it makes sense...but its also like WHAT?! I'll be praying for you, dear friend.

Just out of curiousity, when you say Life Groups are you mean they are abandoning cell based model or just your life group is over?