Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big News for Us.

Big News for Us.

Wow. I can hardly believe it myself, but to rip it off like a band-aid I will just say it. Our family is going to be trying other churches. We’ve been going to Trinity/Kingdom Life Fellowship for over 10 years now. That’s amazing to me! It’s the only church our kids have known. That’s probably why two of them cried when we told them what we’re going to do. (Joey & Jocie)

Here’s the great thing: We’re not offended. We’re not upset with anything or anyone. We’re not disgruntle in any way.

We just feel like we’re suppose to go somewhere else. We don’t know if the change is because our family needs to be somewhere else or if somewhere else needs our family.

This is not an overnight decision by far! This is a year long process with a 6 month dragging of feet on my part and a month of absolute working of the Lord in a beautiful way! He has made his plan known and worked behind the scenes to make this as smooth of a transition as possible.

Today we were released by Brandon, our pastor to go and try new places. He totally understands why we’re leaving and the fact that we’re not upset in any way. He had the best attitude today and made us love and respect him even more for how mature he handled the situation. He told us to go and do what we’re supposed to do and if down the road we haven’t found what we’re looking for and we want to come back to KLF then we’re more than welcome and we’ll start off even better than we are now.

I feel so grateful that everything is going so smoothly. I love that we can leave in a way that’s not awkward. I can run into anyone at KLF and not be embarrassed for going another place. I love that relationships don’t have to end. I know they will change, but they won’t end.

Randy and I have talked a lot about this change and what our plans are. Separately we both had the same two churches that we wanted to try out. When we told each other our choices we were shocked to find out they were the same two churches. We want to try Morning Star and get this…South Side Baptist. I have NO idea where the South Side Baptist church came into play. I think that’s so interesting! Maybe God’s up to something silly! ☺ I’m not sure where we will try this coming Sunday but I’ll keep you posted.
There’s no way to begin to explain how much the people of Kingdom Life Fellowship means to Randy and I. We love the people there. We have real and honest relationships with most of the people. I have loved doing life with them and I’m so thankful that for several people that will continue even though we’re not going to be going to the same church. I only have wonderful and tender things to say about that church body. They’ve loved, served, sacrificed, prayed for, cried for and laughed with our family.

I will miss worshipping our God together.

Good news is that we will get to do that for all eternity together!

Please pray that God will put us right where he wants us and we will have a place to serve Him.


Trina and Jophie said...

Be careful! We Baptists sure love our food! We REALLY REALLY like to eat.

Lets just say we didn't get this way from lookin' at the pictures ;)

Good Luck!

Trina and Jophie

High in Demand said...

That's funny!

God's Warrior Bride said...

WOW! Where to start - BOO HOO HOO!
Your post has made me so sad, yet happy at the same time. You and Randy have been such a blessing in our lives as well as an perfect example of faith in action, grace, steadfastness, mercy, patience and love. It is going to be so hard to not be doing life with you and your family on a regular basis. And our little ones are really going to miss Joey, Spencer Melody, Jocie and Miles. (According to Audrey they are the only nice kids in Children's Church).

As you are probably aware, I don't do change very well and this is one change that, while I understand and respect it, still breaks my heart. So to make it easier for me (after all this is all about me anyway, haha!) I am going to look at this like you guys are going to the mission field and you will be coming back soon.

So in that light, I am going to be so excited for you all and know that God is going to lead you into some strange foreign land (the baptist church [I was raised there])and you are going to bring light, love, faith and goodness to the people. By the way, Jordan's girlfriend goes to Southside Baptist Church and she is fantastic, so don't be surprised if you see him there sometimes (he's doing mission work there too, hahaha).

We love you guys and look forward in seeing what God has for you all.

And, I when it gets cooler, I still want to shoot your beautiful children! How about a weekend right before school starts back up?


Amanda said...

I'm excited for you and your family! I can't wait to hear how well things are going!!!