Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Search

Looking for a church home.
Church shopping.
Hunting for a new church,
Looking for the place God wants us to be.
Looking for a place to serve.
Searching for a place to plug in.
Finding a new body of believers.

However you want to say it…we still don’t know where we’re going to church.

We’ve tried a few places. Before we began the adventure Randy and I both separately thought that we should try two places: South Side Baptist and Morning Star Community Church. From that it would seem that one of two places would be our new church home, but we still don’t know.

We’ve been to South Side 3 times. Morning Star twice and last week we went to The Mission. So, that makes 6 weeks since we haven’t had a church family. After 10 years at the same church that’s a pretty shocking life style change.

So, we’ve been going to these churches and almost as soon as we hit the door the question is asked, “So what did you think?” Of course we’ve been praying about it, and we don’t want to go where we “think” is good. We clearly want God’s direction in this decision but it’s a totally human thing to dissect and discuss such matters.

We’ve been going to lunch after church which is funny because we didn’t do that when we went to Clyde. We used to drive through a place or pick up lunch and take it home but we hardly ever went to a restaurant after church. I think it’s because it already took so long to get ready, drive out there, be at church, chat forever and then drive home that by the time we hit town we just wanted to get home, peel off our clothes and take a nap.

In these last six weeks we’ve been doing something new. When we get to the car I get out a piece of paper and ask everyone where they want to go. One by one they give me their vote and I write it on a slip of paper. When that’s done one person gets to draw and whatever place it says on the paper is where we get to go. Even if it’s CiCi’s and I hate that place we still go. Don’t mind me. I’m probably just bitter because I still haven’t won yet.

So, not only is church different, but Sunday lunch is different, we’re going to different places so our Sundays are totally different, and to top it all off Randy has decided that he likes shopping after lunch. Crazy! So, we go hang out at a store until we’re ready to go home. It’s all been very delightful.

During this time between walking outside of the church we tried and before we go home from shopping we discuss “what we think” about the church we went to.

Here’s the break down.

Oh, you didn’t think I’d give you all the juicy details today did you?

No way! I’ve gotta keep you comin’ back for more!

Soon I’ll write about our adventures of Charismania to Conservative Baptist.

In the mean time. Please keep praying for us!


Amanda said...

Are y'all wanting to stay with a church in Abilene? Or does that even play a part in the choice? Just wondering.

High in Demand said...

Bottom line is that I want to be where God wants us...BUT if I had my pick I would want to stay in Abilene. It would make it a lot easier for us to be involved in church activities if it were in Abilene.