Friday, September 04, 2009

Wow! Really?

I had to go over to Hendrick Medical Supply yesterday to exchange some syringes that were wrong AGAIN! I didn’t mind too much. I was having a good attitude about it, but when the woman at the front desk saw me and what I was there for AGAIN she just cringed. I think she’s as amazed at their incompetence as I am sometimes.

Anyway, I handed her the big bag of syringes and she said (referring to the person that got the wrong syringes), “They’re so retarded.”

To which I replied excitedly, “Oh, do you hire retarded people here because my son is retarded and he will need a job someday.”

That’s when she crapped her pants.


Amanda said...

Brandi!!! I love that you told her that! That was amazing. I always think of good come backs HOURS later, or if I do think of them on the spot I'm always too scared to say anything. I'm so happy that you said that.

Pastor Travis & Jessica said...

haha....brandi you crack me up!!! I love it and I love that you are so honest!!! :)

High in Demand said... I didn't really say it but I SHOULD HAVE~

I wasn't brave enough. :)

Later when I felt brave enough it would have been really weird for me to call her back.

Marissa said...

I laughed so hard when I read this! You are hilarious. Sorry that HMC is such a pain!

Amanda said...

Brandi! I love you so much. You're so awesome!!!