Saturday, October 01, 2011

Middle School Dance

Randy and I were asked to be chaperones for the Fun Night at the boy's middle school. We agreed to do it. The Fun Night has all kinds of games to play, food to eat and basketball. It also has a Dance, and lucky us...we were asked to chaperone the dance. The PTA lady said, "Would you mind doing the dance? No one ever wants to the dance! It's really loud in there and you have to make sure the kids aren't dancing too close and all that." We told her that we would do it.

Well, here's the summary of the evening:

  • I got to break up a cat fight in the girls bathroom. 
  • A girl had an actual seizure. Randy had to carry her out and wait for help to arrive.
  • We had to break up major girl on girl nasty dancing. 
and last but totally not least...

  • Later one of the girl dancers we broke up came up to Randy and told him that he sucks balls.

So....obviously the night Rocked Our Faces Off! 


Elizabeth said...

Oh. My. Lord. I really hate that I wasn't there with you to experience all that amazingness!!!

Pamelotta said...

I think you and Randy have found your calling! ;)

P.S. Is it just me or does the girl in that picture remind you of Cherith? I've always thought that but never told her.

Fiver said...

THAT is horribly hilarious!! So glad you guys kept your sense of humor about it!!