Wednesday, February 15, 2012

iPad Drama : )

Once upon a time, several months back my awesome brother-in-law Richard...

bought me an iPad!!!

Yes Richard, I had to steal your only Facebook photo. 

Well, a few months ago my eldest son Joey may or may not have...dropped said iPad thus breaking the sound button. 

This made Joey very sad. 

Well, Randy, my beloved husband can fix anything right?!? I mean he can build a whole house from start to finish! He can fix bikes, plumbing and gates that hang wrong! Surely, he can fix an iPad button! He took his trusty screw driver to fix the button and....

Oopsi! He cracked the iPad screen! 
Now, my photo isn't available from when this happened. Who even remembers what I said exactly? There's rumor that I crumbled up the pie crust I was working on, chunked it in the kitchen sink and went out for a breather, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't sound like me! Don't you agree? I probably....

said something dainty like, "Oh sweetheart, thanks for giving it a try! You're so loved and appreciated." 

Well, to fix the iPad screen by a place in town was quoted at $160. That wasn't going to happen anytime soon. The iPad was put on a high shelf while we waited on the $160 fairy to drop by the house. A couple of weeks went by and we were still waiting so I took it off the high shelf and began to play with it. I figured out that it was still useable if you didn't mind a tiny piece of glass in your finger every once in a while. 
I didn't let the kids play with it since I wanted to protect their delicate fingers from the glass! It wasn't all bad having the screen cracked. I actually got a lot more play time with the iPad because I didn't have to share it with all the little people. (Glass half full kind of girl!) 

One day Randy is looking on eBay and finds a Do It Yourself Kit to replace the iPad screen. do I put this nicely?

Randy decided to look on Youtube to find an instructional video on replacing the screen (laymen's term) Digitizer (professional term.) He found a video...

Now, I was sitting next to him while he watched the 14 minute video. All I could hear over and over again was, "Watch out! Make sure you don't break the blah blah blah." 
All he heard was, "Oh yeah, I could fix it!" 

He bought the kit off eBay for $46 (including shipping) from Hong Kong and a couple of weeks later this arrived...

Yes, that's a photo of a tiny baby suction cup. 

He sat down at the kitchen table THAT HE BUILT FROM A TREE IN OUR YARD...

and He Fixed it!!! 

Now I can get back to playing mindless games on the iPad with sound! Yeah, he fixed the sound button too! 

After he was done I mentioned to him that he could totally do this sort of thing as a side business! iPad and iPhone screens crack all the time! He saved us a ton of money! He just gave me "the look." That business isn't going to happen...BUT if it ever does...I'm going to have a Side Side Business by placing one of these babies in his iPad screen fixing shop!

I would make some bank!

End of the story? Not quite yet. 
I told the kids they couldn't play with the iPad again until we saved enough money to buy an Otter Box for the iPad. 

We are well on our way! : ) 

(Picture taken today with iPad!) 


Christy said...
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Christy said... confused...i posted a comment and it appeared 3 times so I deleted one and all 3 were gone? hmmmm....

anyway, your post made me laugh :)

Fiver said...

Okay. Exact same story only it involves my first iPhone BUT Jere did not fix the screen he broke the phone ( insert sad face here) long story short I ended up.getting a new phone and he watched the.YouTube videos more carefully next time something like that came up.

Glad you're up.and running


pamelotta said...

Great, great story! That's some classic Wilson stuff there!

Simply put, your husband is a genius!