Monday, April 17, 2006

H-E-B List

I'm enjoying my close grocery store by my new house. I've got to run over there this afternoon for some things and I found my shopping list interesting for a Monday afternoon. Here's the list:

  • ant killer (sugar ants in our house),
  • apple juice (for Miles tummy),
  • I'm dropping off my Easter film,
  • Resolve Carpet Clearner (I've already got a couple of spots here and there in the new house),
  • hair color (my roots are looking yucky),
  • water hose & sprinkler (for hot outdoor fun)

1 comment:

ericaprosser said...

Granted- all the stuff piling up on your shirt does completely gross me out. However, your unique perspective woo's me back in! Fabulous blog- I would love to compare shopping lists sometime, as HEB is my favorite store! Flowers to you "BW"!