Sunday, July 02, 2006

Oh yeah, New Phone! Oh yeah, New Phone!

Randy bought me a new phone yesterday and it's a good thing to because my phone was old!

Your part- (HOW OLD WAS IT?)

My phone was so old that it had a rotary dial! My phone was so old that the size of it made you wonder if I cut the cord off my house phone so I could pretend I had a cell phone!
Joey always wanted to know why my phone didn't have games on it like other people's cell phones. The only game my phone played was "I won't die".
For Mother's Day I told Randy that I wanted a new phone. I saw it coming that it wasn't going to work out so I talked him into buying some "Bling" for my phone to hold me over. We went to the mall and bought some white and pink rhinestones to glue on to make it look cuter. Well, Randy insisted on putting them on for me, and being the "more is better" man that he is he just knew that the dinky sticky glue that came on the rhinestones wasn't going to be enough so he bought some super glue to stick those babies on. All the shiny bling turned out to look like a hazy super glue mess. It looked like a Kindergarten craft gone bad. Here's the kicker...The phone was so huge that the package of "Bling" didn't have enough rhinestones to cover my phone so it looked like someone got tired of fighting with super glue and gave up on the whole thing. It was terrible. Even Joey thought the thing looked embarrassing.
So, my old "Patchy Bling" phone will stay at the job site where it will feel more comfortable. I think Randy's going to try to sandblast the "Bling"off.

About the new phone...Wow! Who knew you could program phone numbers into a cell phone? It's nice!
The only thing I cared about was that it was cute and small. (It is) It's light pink and it just came out yesterday.
The only thing that Randy cared about was if the ringer was going to be loud enough for me to hear it. It frustrates him when calls me and I don't hear the phone. Yesterday when we were looking at the phones Randy was messing with all the ringers to find out which one was the loudest. He had the salesman frantically trying to find the loudest phone which could be heard through my purse. I walked all the way past The Express to assure Randy that I could hear the phone across my house. Anyway, it all worked out. It's a cute little phone and it calls people. Sweet! CALL ME!


Pamelotta said...

Yeah, I know a thing or two about old cell phones. This is how old ours was. I accidentally left it in a stroller I rented at the mall a few years ago. When I went back about a week later to claim it at the lost and found the lady asked what it looked like. I told her it was pretty big and bulky...the old kind. She reached up on the shelf and said Oh yeah I know the one. NO ONE has even tried to claim that one!!!

Ashlee said...

My phone is a small flip phone...but its not cute and the antenna is broken so I have to hold it down in various directions while I am talking to keep a signal....Such a pain! I really want a new one...but I'll probably have to wait until next year...(unless it out and out dies, but how likely is that?)

newloghere said...

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