Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Plan

Miles surgery was changed again. It will be this coming Wednesday. So, we will be at Cooks on Tue, Wed and Thursday.

Yesterday he had his Botox injections and everything went just fine. I was pleased. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The nurse gave Miles some pain medication when we first got there. After it was working Dr. Marks took Randy and I to another room. He asked which one of us was going to hold him down and I assured him that would be Randy. He laughed and said that Dad's weren't very good at the job. He was telling me that he hears some pretty strange excuses from Dad's that don't want to be in the room. He said that the funniest one was a few years back when a couple was in there and right before the doctor got started he said in a panicked voice, "I just remembered that I have to call my Mom". Dr. Marks said that he rushed out of the room, and his wife looked up at Dr. Marks, shook her head and said, "His mother has been dead for 20 years". That man waited in his truck and has never stepped foot in the office again.

I'm sure this won't be a surprise to you but Randy did just fine. He held Miles in his lap with his head facing the floor. Dr. Marks put some kind of speaker tape on Miles legs so he could listen on a computer for when he hit the muscle. He got Miles 4 injections. Two were on his upper legs and 2 were in his calves. Miles cried but not very hard. He cried harder yesterday morning when he wanted me to hold him than he did while getting the shots. Dr. Marks said that the pain medication takes the fight out of him.

Anyway, Miles is doing just fine. We should be able to tell a difference in about 3 days. His legs should be loosened so he can be casted next week after surgery.
So, it's the count down until cast day...


Bloomin' Cactus said...

I am praying for you today!! I pray that God will give you His peace and His wisdom today. He has a "plan" for you in changing Miles' diaper and I'm believing that He is going to give it to you where it won't be a dreaded time. I love you, my friend!!!

Ashlee said...

Hi Brandi,
Tonight I was trying to fall asleep and I felt prompted to pray for Miles and the completion of his healing. I hope the surgery went well. We love and miss you guys. We will be in Texas in about 2 weeks so I hope we can see you then.