Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Monday we took Miles to Ft.Worth for his neurology appointment. We had a 9:30 appointment, and we planned on going there for a quick no help check up and then take a fun trip to Six Flags. Our plans were interrupted. Dr. Marks, the neurologist said that we had to get Miles' hip taken care of quickly. We found out two weeks ago that Miles' right hip was dislocated. Miles' leg muscles are pretty tight so during his last growth spurt when he grew his muscles pulled his hip out of socket. We had already filled out an application to see a specialist at Scottist Rite hospital in Dallas, but Dr. Marks said that they could take care of it at Cook's Hospital for us. He got us an appointment for later that afternoon with Dr. Messer, an orthopedic surgeon. The appointment was made for 1:30 which meant that we had Spencer (6), Jocie (4) and Miles (1) all hanging out at the hospital while we waited for the appointment. I will also mention that Jocie & Spencer were waiting for their trip to Six Flags! Well, the kids were perfect! It was amazing how wonderful they were. We went exploring around the hospital. We found a lot to do.
We saw Dr. Messer and he had x-rays taken of Miles' hips. We got to see the x-rays and his hip is out for sure. Spencer said, "Oh good...I've never got to see the inside of Miles".
Here's the plan that BOTH Dr. Marks & Dr. Messer think is best for Miles:
Next month Dr. Messer wants to cut Miles' abductor muscles (which is the inside thigh muscle) he wants to cut them and lengthen them and then put his hip back into socket, and work on the other hip to make sure it doesn't happen to that one. Then Miles will be put into a cast from the waist to his ankles with a bar in between his legs to keep his legs apart. They will leave a small hole for me to change his diaper. He will be in this cast for 6 to 8 weeks.
My comment over and over that day was this, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" They assured me that they were not kidding me. I asked Dr. Messer if this is something that we should do because it seemed extreme to me. He told that a lot of things they can do are questionable if they should do it or not, but he told me that no one would say this is questionable. He told me any doctor would agree that we should do this. He explained to me what he would have to do for a 4 or 5 year old with a dislocated hip and it's terrible. It involves cutting the bone, and twisting it...he also said that at 14 or 15 he wouldn't even do it and that the kid just has to be in pain. Anyway, he said that since Miles is so young that this is the time to do it. Since then I've talked to Miles' physical therapist and his pediatrician and they've all agreed on this plan.
I was totally freaking out yesterday but today I'm feeling better. It sounds crazy, but they are saying that by doing this it's Miles' chance to walk. It will align his legs and ankles so they will be straight. That's exciting.
Here's what's not exciting...MY BABY WILL BE IN A CAST FROM THE WAIST TO THE ANKLES FOR 6 TO 8 WEEKS!!!!! What in the world? I asked Dr. Marks how we would take Miles in the carseat and he said, "It will be a challenge". I will just say that this is not an answer. He also said that he wished they would install a hanger in the cast so we could just hang him up at night in the closet before bed. He was kidding of course but it sure seems like a strange joke.
We talked to Dr. Wiley yesterday about the carseat issue and he said that the hospital will help us out with things like that. He said that they will let us use a flat carseat that will lay down in the car and it has a strap with it. Also, JoBeth (his PT) said that parents usually cart their kids around in a wagon everywhere during this time.

So here's the deal: The surgery is scheduled for August 23. He will go on August 18 to see Dr. Marks to get Botox injections into his legs to loosed up his muscles so they can be stretched into the casting position. Dr. Marks will give Miles shots in his legs and ankles to give him some relief in his muscles tightness.

The decision to be made is if we are going to do this. This is not something I can figure out and make a decision. We just have to hear God and what he's wanting us to do. Please pray that we will KNOW what the Lord wants us to do, that Miles will not be in pain while he waits for his hip to be fixed, pray that the Lord heals him before all this has to take place & pray that I will not be upset about all of this.

I know the Lord is going to heal Miles. I just don't know how he plans to do it. If he wants to use this surgery to help Miles I am willing. If he doesn't want us to do this then we won't. I just need to know what HE wants us to do.


JesusFreak said...

Brandi, I have to say that you are THE most Godly woman I have ever met. I hope that by the time I am 75 I can have as much faith as you do in your pinky! I just love you so much and I just know that no matter what happens, God is going to be "reimburse" you for all this pain and anguish you are going through right now. I just praise the Lord that He has put someone like you and your family in this world!

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