Friday, December 15, 2006


Yesterday I was mildly emotional about Miles being approved for 40 hours of nurse care a week.
That’s all gone now.
Rachel brought over a book Wednesday morning that she let me borrow. I can’t remember the title now, and I already let my brother in law borrow it from me so I don’t have the title for you, but it was amazing! I read the whole thing on Wednesday and Thursday. It’s about a husband and wife missionary team. They live in Africa and have planted a ton of churches, raised a ton of kids, see a ton of miracles and led a ton of people to the Lord. They are completely sold out to Jesus. This couple has been in Africa since the 70’s and they are still there. They have taken care of a ton of children, seen a ton of people come to the Lord, seen a ton of miracles, and they have spent their lives loving Jesus and His people.

The book is about how desperate the people are that they see every day. Most of them have nothing, but they seek the Lord in a way that I never have. They want all of Him more than anything. Sometimes I complain about having to get five children ready for church, but some of these people have to walk for a couple of days to church. Some leave for their journey without any food at all. Some don’t even know if they will have the strength to make it back home.

Well, yesterday I was feeling a little down about the whole nurse care thing. Then I saw Melody get a blanket and lay it down on the floor. The blanket that she got had a built in pillow. As I watched her make a pallet on the floor of our living room I had a thought. I don’t know if the Lord revealed this to me or if I thought of it on my own, but as I watched her I thought about how millions of people in this world have never laid down on such a luxurious blanket in their whole lives.

I was humbled.
I felt like a pathetic brat for being upset about the nurse care that was provided for me. The woman that wrote the book told about how in one week six babies died in her arms. She was comforted by the fact that they died being loved. These babies died of horrible things like cholera, malaria, AIDS, running sores and worms all because they didn’t have the medical care that they needed.

I have a home that is beautiful, huge and warm. I have some of the best medical care on the planet. I have a bed that is fit for a King! What do I have to complain about?

This morning I woke up in my soft and cozy bed and it felt so great. The first thing I thought about was all the beautiful people I read about yesterday that have never felt such luxury. My heart broke for them again. I thanked the Lord for everything he has ever given me…Especially the nurse care.


Jennifer said...

I have had this same revelation many many times when I feel like the situation I am going through is the worst thing in the world. I think that is what the devil wants us to believe. He wants us to be so self-absorbed and self-orientated that we don't see the plight of others and how we could be possibly helping them. I am so glad that the Lord showed you this so that your heart would be lifted!

Carolyn said...

And your children can go to a school that teaches about Jesus and His birthday and they can go and shop for their families and have the gifts wrapped and we get to see the joy on all their faces and then give a gift to their teachers and they get to bless their families (or pay their bills:) and it just goes on and on the list of things we have to be thankful for
Which reminds me.......thanks again for all your help today-I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

Tangerine Tinselbreeze said...

One of the bad things about working in a hospital is that over time, out of self defense, you harden your heart a little. You have to, or you will just bleed to death. Today I was looking at the people that were sick, requiring care. And I thought, thank you Father for granting my health to be able to walk up and down the halls. To care for my kids and to realize how much I have to appreciate the "temple" he gave me.
Thank you for constantly allowing your heart to be softened and ears & eyes to be opened to the good things God gives you, gives us. I still think, despite your confession of all the help you receive, you are amazing- a gift from God to those who know you.

ericaprosser said...

Always Enough. I'm reading that too. Excellent & inspiring.

mccobbey said...

I love it when God just touches us and reminds us of good things. If someone else said it, it could offend or hurt or whatever, but when He does it in that sweet, still voice and we listen, it is an amazing revelation that helps us realize the magnitude of all He's given us.