Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Our WOW Christmas Party.

Here are some pictures of our WOW (Women of Worth) party. I was so fun! It was not THE PARTY of the year but it was great. I'm hoping to write about THE PARTY of the year but I wanted to get these great pictures on here right now. Rachel and I decorated this table for the party. Becky, the Women's Pastor asked for teams to get together and decorate the tables for a $50 prize. I think there were about 8 tables and seven teams trying to win the prize.
At first Rachel and I didn't think we had it in us to compete. We would have had to buy a lot of fancy dished that we didn't have so we didn't think we were going to do it. THEN, I had a masterful plan! I was at her house and I said, "Hey Rachel, why don't we do a scrapbook table!" Then our ideas flowed like milk and honey! We decided to make everything out of paper! We had idea after idea on things we could do. It was on after that! The next couple of days was a Whirlwind of Instant Messaging Ideas! We went shopping and spent a whopping $25 or so. We planned to work at my house on Saturday. Before Rachel got to my house at 10:00 I told Randy not to worry because we would be done by Noon. YIKES! I was wrong! We were working at my table until 6:00 in the evening! Then we had to go to Hobby Lobby for one last touch which took us awhile because we were shopping in Our store! We had so much fun! So far that was the funnest thing I've done all season. There was just something about sitting down at my huge table for hours and hours making stuff that just blessed my socks off!
Here's the deal. We made every part of this table. We didn't blow our own glass, but we did everything else! I mean...we made LAMPSHADES for our glasses. What else can I say?
Anyway, while making the stuff we had decided that we would surley win! I mean come on...we were working our scissor cutting hands to the bone! Poor Rachel had Modge Podge seeping into her blood stream by the end of the eighth plate! Well, on the way to the party we had lost a little confidence and thought that our table might end up looking cheesey and too homemade, but we had a little fight in us left. BUT, when we got there and everyone started doing their table our high hopes were shattered. I was amazed at everyone's creativity! I was in awe really! I loved how each table looked just like their personality. I had given up on winning and decided just to enjoy our Brandi and Rachel table. I thought everything looked so cute. The table was us and I loved it. I figured Monica and Francesca were going to win (maybe should have) and I was happy with the whole thing. Well, when the winner was announced, AND IT WAS US it was so exciting! I was actually surprised! It was a good surprise! I felt like our hard work had paid off plus we had so much fun working on it. I decided to keep my small WOW plate in my Christmas decorations to remind me of our sweet victory! The whole time Rachel and I thought that we were going to share the $50 prize. We were happy with that. We didn't know that we were each going to win $50!! That was a really sweet surprise! I still haven't cashed my check. I want to buy something really special with it! Anyway, it was so fun and rewarding to win after all our hard work. I just had to share the pictures.

Our Table


Carolyn said...

How adorable! Our church has done something like that in the past for our Women's Christmas "party". There are always TONS of cute tables! This year we tried something different. We had a "Round Up for the Redeemer" party. We all donated items for a silent auction (ended up w/ over 200 donations-we had to make groupings of some things because we had so many!) w/ all the money going to our annual Lottie Moon Christmas offering-for foreign missions. Our church wide goal is $15,000. We raised $6,700-just us girls!!!!!! One of our church secretaries made a cook book-she's a fabulous cook!-in scrapbook form. It was beautiful! I predicted it would bring in the most money-we were so excited when the bid got up to $100-the next thing we know everyone's saying.....go look at the cook book went up to $750.00!!!!!!! It was awesome! Fun was had by all 120 women and God get's all the glory for that money raised.

the_a_team said...

Everything looks beautiful!!! Jennifer showed me her plate and I'm just amazed ya'll did that yourselfs! It's just so awesome! Love you!!!

cmikeska said...

I sure do wish I had mde it to th eparty. Maybe I can go next time.
Love you

Bloomin' Cactus said...

It was so much fun working on that with you!! I just loved EVERYTHING about it!! Guess the judges did, too!! But, I think you're right -- maybe the ROYALTY table should have won. They were all awesome, though!! I loved it!!