Wednesday, January 21, 2009


WELCOME! Welcome! I want to show you something that I do everyday. ENJOY!

Miles has 3 breathing treatment medicines every morning and night. Plus 2 in the afternoon.

I pour meds in the nebulizer kit.

Then, he has his breathing treatments while he does The Vest. I usually just get him straight from the bed into doing The Vest & breathing treatments. The Vest takes 20 minutes so while he's doing that I get his medicines ready. Today I gave him a bath after The Vest because he was Uh, Stinky. Anyway, you can see how I make the medicine.

Here is where I keep most of the medicines & syringes.

OKay, first I put all the pills in this handy dandy pill cutter/crusher. I bought this at the drugstore after I had spent so many months trying to manually split pills. I was not very good at it. This thing was $5. I use it every day twice a day and it works like a dream. This little blue thing makes my job a little easier.

I close the lid then I twist back and forth several several times. It takes a while to crush this many pills.

Here's what it looks like all crushed up. I'm not sure why but I think this looks very pretty.

Now I add water so I can draw it up in a syringe.

Twirl all the medicines around to mix them up.

Now, pick out a syringe. It must have a red tip on it because it's what makes it fit in the g-tube. The blunt tip ones won't work. The red tips come off and on. After the matches are found then the medicine can be sucked up into the syringes.

Now I've got to get the laxative ready. First I get 8 ounces of warm water into a bottle.

This is miralax. This is a big bottle of it. I wish it worked better for Miles than it does. Miles takes an adult dose of this. Now, I've never used this myself, but I've heard from another adult that it really works. Miles just has a lot of trouble in this area of life.

I pour the Miralax in the bottle then stir it to make it dissolve.

I stir it all up to dissolve it.

Then I draw up any other liquid medications that need to be given.

Miles has a yucky toenail that needs medicine in the morning and the night. The doctor says its a fungus. I asked him how Miles got it and he said, "I don't know." Great answer. Randy promises that Miles hasn't been showering at the Y. I put the medicine on the Q-tip. We use A LOT of Q-tips. Then I stick the medicine on his toe.

This medicine is called Pittsburgh Paste. It helps keep the tissue around the g-button healthy. We use it twice a day. His insurance doesn't pay for this and it's $25 for this container but I totally think it's worth it. I heard about it from a mom on 5 minutes for Moms (parents with special needs kids.)

First I clean around the area with a Q-tip. Then I put the medicine around the g-button.

Here's all the medicine. Some are from the crushed pills and some are liquids that he takes.

This is the g-button closed. You have to open it before you put the medicine in.

Put the syringe in the g-button and push the medicine in.

More Medicine.

More Medicine.

One more...

All gone.

He has a daily "mini" enema. There will not be a demonstration on this particular medicine. I'm sure you understand. Again, he has issues in this area.

Now, remember that Miralax and water I made earlier? Now it's time to put it in a Bolus Feeding Tube and put it through the button.

Here he's getting the water.
I fill the bolus feeding tube with water, clamp it, place it in the g-button, unclamp it and give him the Miralax water.

Now I pour the rest of it in 2 ounces at a time.

After that we're on with the day.

I do all of this twice a day. Come wind, rain, hail or snow I have to do this twice a day. It doesn't matter if I'm too tired in the evening to do it. I have to or I'll wake up to my son having seizures. It's just a part of what I do. I'm the only one in our family that knows this schedule by heart. Randy does so very much for Miles, but he doesn't like doing the medicine at all. He usually straightens up the house for the evening while I'm getting this done. That in itself is a huge blessing!

So, that's it. That's the medicine schedule. I hope that was entertaining. It's a big part of my life.

I'll save medical equipment for another day. That should be interesting for you.


Jennifer said...

I know you said to wait until you get all the pictures in order, but I'm a fast kind of girl. Not in the wrong way though. Anyway, I used context clues (thank you 4th grade!) to figure out which pictures go where.

I have to say I'm impressed. I never knew how the g-tube button thing worked. I've wondered. I also wonder if Miles will keep it after he's healed. I mean, imagine all the time he'd save by not having to chew his food!!

Was that insensitive? These are the things I think about. Sorry.

High in Demand said...

Not insensitive at all. No, he won't keep the g-tube when he's healed. It can easily be removed.

Some of the other things we've done might be harder to reverse, but of course if God can heal brain damage he can heal things the things that we've had to do in the mean time.

You'll have to come back when I'm finished fixing it so you can see it in order!

High in Demand said...

OMG! It totally took more time to make this post than to actually give him the medicine. I can't believe how long it took me to get all these pictures in order and loaded. Hopefully it will be worth it to you.

God's Warrior Bride said...

Thanks for sharing. My sweet sister has almost the same routine everyday for her granddaughter, Samantha. I am constantly amazed how great you and she are. God couldn't have picked better parents and grandparents for Miles and Samantha. And I know on the day that Miles and Sam are healed they will be glad to be rid of the G port.

I look forward to the medical equipment blog.

Cyndi said...

This is amazing that you do this...WOW!!! I never knew all the stuff you had to do in a day for Miles. I love to read about all the equipment and stuff that happens in the Wilson home



Start World Hunger said...

wow...that's alot of stuff. it amazes me that his little belly can hold it all.

therextras said...

I WILL be interested in a post on medical equipment - esp if it includes wheelchairs and standers.

Childlife said...

Brandi -- I'm so glad you stopped by 5MFSN :) Miles is such a cutie!

We have a cabinet at home that is the twin of yours and I'm the designated "med prepper" too :D You're doing one fabulous job with your little munchkin!

~Michelle @ 5MFSN

Childlife said...

Brandi -- I'm so glad you stopped by 5MFSN :) Miles is such a cutie!

We have a cabinet at home that is the twin of yours and I'm the designated "med prepper" too :D You're doing one fabulous job with your little munchkin!

~Michelle @ 5MFSN

Bryan and Becky said...

God set him free!!

Brandi, you are an amazing woman...I will tell you that until the day I die!