Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not this Time.

After listening to Brenda last night I'm thinking I won't do the mom igroup. She was talking about how there are so many good things to do that end up being distractions. She recommended us doing a few great things instead of a lot of good things. During the day I've got a few great things going. I've got Miles that needs some great care. Also, my book is on a roll so that's something great I need to invest my time in.

I did just get an idea on how I could encourage the moms without having the igroup.

I'll have to pray and ask if it's a good idea or a great idea.

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Cyndi said...

Last night was so good with Brenda. IT was so what I needed to hear. not what was in the past but Hear GOD for NOW... I am sure God will download great things for you to do this year.
I am excited about this year standing my ground satan under our feet. Victory is here and the waters have parted for us to all walk thru.