Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Break

Yep, it's Spring Break and I have five kids at home all day. What do they want to do all day?


(Click on it to make it bigger.)


Amanda said...

It really does seem like that's all they do! During Christmas break last year the girls were home all day. This is the first time they've ever been able to stay home, they've usually always gone to daycare or something similar. My grocery bill was outragous for those two weeks! This time for Spring Break I got a little smarter! They're of course allowed to eat cereal in the moring when they wake up, then I leave a snace on the counter for them with a note letting them know when they're allowed to eat it. Of course I go home for lunch, then the same thing happens for an afternoon snack. Except it's up here at my office. They usually come to work with me in the afternoons or go to Jennifer's work. For us that has really helped. Anoe is the worst about eating just because. Totally something I have to work on myself! ;)

Amanda said...

I just went back and checked out the box. That is so funny!