Friday, May 27, 2011

If we were friends...

If we were friends and I found an amazing new restaurant I would probably tell you how good their food was and perhaps even make plans for us to go there sometime together to enjoy the new place.

If Randy and I just came back from an incredible Cruise (I wish!) and it was as perfect as I had imagined it would be, then I found out that you want to go on a Cruise one day I'm positive I would tell you all about our Cruise and all the reasons you should go on the same Cruise Line we went on. You know...if we were friends.

If we were friends and I knew a place where you could get a refreshing pedicure in a place where the staff would treat you really nice...I would hook you up with the info.

With that being true I have a new place to share with you. It might be a strange place to give a review of, however, since we're friends I've just gotta share.

I can't say enough good things about Elmwood Funeral Home.

Wait! Don't leave! Here me out!

Having a son die sucks!

Funerals suck!

Making funeral plans suck!

Elmwood Funeral Home makes all that suck less.

I'm pretty sure that won't be their new slogan, but maybe it should be.

Elmwood Funeral Home and Bryan Hicks in particular went above and beyond what I could have hoped for, asked or imagined. Planning a funeral is a lot of work. It has almost as many details as a wedding but you do it all in about 3 days, it's not as fun as a wedding, and there's no honeymoon afterwords. Bryan Hicks & Elmwood made sure we had the nicest & most special funeral possible. They were very generous to us and worked hard to get us discounts were it was possible.

During the Visitation they had a beautiful area set up that felt like a living room. They kept freshly baked cookies coming so the guests could have something to snack on. I'm not going to mention how many cookies my own children ate.

Again, I know it's strange to be raving about a funeral home, but they did so many extras to make the situation more comfortable and special that it took a little sting out of the event. The staff was easy to talk to, answered all our questions, cared about our decisions, were extremely compassionate and integrated special details that I never would have thought of.

Randy and I are so thankful for all the help Elmwood and Bryan Hicks gave us. I've always heard that burying a child is one of the very worst things that can happen to someone. At this time I can sufficiently agree with that statement. Elmwood Funeral Home helped us get through that extremely difficult time. For that I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness, and since we are friends...I thought you should know.


Jennifer said...

I've been telling everyone how good of a job Elmeood did too. I was really impressed by their thoughtfulness and professionalism throughout the whole funeral.

Oh! And my friend Crystal, who works there and knee Miles personally, made the cookies. I told her they were excellent!

I love you Brandi, Randy, Joey, Spencer, Jocie, Melody, and Miles. :-)

Fiver said...

well I agree with all the "sucky" comments and while I don't know firsthand about Elmwood, I do know Bryan and know how much pride he takes in his job and what a great pastor and friend he is so I'm not surprised at what a wonderful job he and Elmwood did.

I'm glad you are still able to see the tiny positives all around you because that's how you'll not only survive Miles death but thrive in the moments to come.

You have our continued love, support, and prayers.

Nicole and Jere

Annie McKee said...

you are so amazing.........

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

i am glad elmwood took such great care of you and your family. you're right, things like that definitely make it suck less.