Thursday, July 07, 2011


OH MY GOSH!!!! I just spent an hour on this post! When I finished it and looked at the finished project I realized that the pictures are in backwards order. I DON'T CARE AT THIS POINT! I don't want to redo it at this time so you will just have to use your imagination on this one. Ugh! Oh well, you will get the point! : )

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary is coming up. On our 13th anniversary we decided that we would start saving for our 15th. Our honeymoon was an overnight trip to Fredricksburg. It was nice, but it was only one day. That's all we could do at the time because of money and work. Well, Randy had an idea to start saving our change so we could go somewhere nice for our 15th anniversary. We've tried saving before, but just like the couple on the movie UP the savings would always get used on everyday things that would come up. SOoooooo....Randy had an unconventional idea and the work skills to back it up. About two years ago Randy put a hole in the wall and a cover plate over it so we could begin to put money in the wall so we couldn't get to it until we were ready.

Last night was the night to get our money out because our vacation is coming up!

Now, Spencer REALLY wanted to take a sledge hammer to the wall, but Randy made the wall in the first place so he knew that all he had to do was take the trim off the bottom of the wall. Joey and Spencer call this the "Lame" way to bust the money out.

Miss Melody showing off some cash!

Mom is visiting this week so she got to be a part of the wall opening. She was a great asset in counting all the money!

Even Molly wanted to help gather the money!

"THE ACCOUNTANTS" We actually counted it all by hand last night. When I took it to the back we were exactly right on the total!

Randy and I are going to Corpus Christi for 2 weeks WITHOUT THE KIDS! Just us! We thought about going other exotic places, but we decided we Want to go to Corpus. It sounds so relaxing and refreshing! I'm looking forward to it more than I can explain!

Joey & Melody got up with me this morning to go cash in the money at our bank. You know they loved me taking their picture in front of the bank. : )

Our Total...$757.42!!!!!!!!
We're soooooo excited! It's like free money! We've just been sticking our change in the wall and it really added up. We put a few dollar bills in there, but really it was mostly just change. So in a week Randy and I will take our "Wall Change" and enjoy spending it in Corpus Christi!!!!!


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Hooray for you guys. I'm so happy. You deserve some rest and fun in the sun!! God bless YOU!!


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Christina said...

That is awesome! Such a great way to make sure the money was "saved." Enjoy your two weeks!!!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Oh my word, that is the bestest most funnest idea EVER!!!

I LOVE IT!!! Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

Hmmm... it would've been hard to not take a sledgehammer to it. But either way, I know this is a memory that your kids are going to be talking about for years to come. :)