Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lord, Make Me More Like A Child.

I was putting Miles in his standing frame one day not too long ago. I asked Joey to stay with Miles and to tell him a story while I finished a project in the other room. When I came back Joey told me that he told Miles the story about why he has to use the standing frame. Then Joey asked me if I knew that story. I told him that I was pretty sure I did but I still wanted him to tell me the story.
Joey told me that he told Miles that he died in his sleep and God raised him from the dead, and he got some brain damage and that's why he uses the standing frame.
I actually didn't know that Joey knew Miles had brain damage. We haven't tried to hide anything from him but I honestly thought Joey just thought of Miles as still being a baby. I told him that I didn't know that he knew all that. Then I asked him how he feels when he sees Connor (my nephew who is 2 weeks younger than Miles) running all around the house and Miles isn't.
Joey looked at me so seriously and asked, "Don't you know what happened to Miles is special? Do you know anyone else this has happened to?". I had to admit that I didn't and what happened to Miles was special.
This is how a 7 year old processes Miles. He doesn't think about what Miles can do or not do. He thinks of Miles as a special boy touched by the very hand of God. He's proud of why his brother has to use the standing frame. Lord, make me more like a child!

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