Monday, May 22, 2006

This Week In The Wilson Home

Joey and Spencer up and ready for school.
No Warm ups for them this week for lunch so it's Lunchables all week long. I cringed at this decision last Friday when I was grocery shopping. I know I could pack their lunch all week but I just knew it wasn't going to happen. Each Lunchable cost $1.74 and I asked myself if someone came into my home every morning this week and offered me $3.48 in cash to pack their lunch I would probably do it every time, but since I knew that wasn't going to happen I threw the Lunchables in the cart.
Francesca over at 10:00 to put Miles in his standing Frame. That went very well. He stayed in it at least 25 minutes.
11:00 Joey and Spencer had an award program at school so I packed up the other three kids and we went to that.
Right now the kids are decorating shirts outside with paint for Clown/Silly Clothes Day.
Tonight I'm taking dinner to my brother and his wife because they had a baby and it's my turn. It's also my twin nephews 1st birthday so I've got to pick up a couple of birthday cupcakes to go with the dinner.
No Wow tonight for me.

Joey has swim day at school. That means $4, sunscreen and a towel. This also means that I'm letting someone else take my son swimming. I never like this idea. And I have to send a dessert.
It's also Clown Day at Joey & Spencer's school. What does it mean?
At 10:00 Ginny comes over to do "Prayer Therapy" on Miles. She goes in his room with him and prays...honestly I'm not sure what she does. I'm not in there.
Plant watering day.
Call Mary to remind her to take dinner to Charlie and Pauline.
House cleaner comes so I have to be out of the home from 12:00-4:00.

Craft Day at Joey and Spencer's school. They try to pack in a lot for the last week at school! Again, more Lunchables.
Read closely at this one...
9:00 Todd comes over for Occupational Therapy for Miles for 30 minutes.
10:00 Vision Therapy for Miles with Mindy for 30 minutes.
10:30 Rachel comes over to put Miles in his standing frame for as long as he will stay.
Remind Jennifer to take food to C&P tonight.
7:00 Life Group
Here's the kicker...from 10:00 to 4:00 I will not be here!!!! I won the Mother's Day Spa Makeover at Athena's from KGNZ so I get to be at the spa all day long! Randy will be taking over my job during this time. He has not been to any of Miles' therapy sessions by himself. This will be a first for him. I picked a great day to be gone. I will be recieving a manicure, pedicure, spa facial, 90 massage, my hair done and lunch! I cannot explain how exciting this is!

This is clean up day at J&S school. They have to wear old clothes so they can clean stuff.
Also, I have to send 30 Pb&J sandwhiches to school for the Kindergarten Graduation.
9:00 JoBeth the physical therapist comes over and she will have a medical equipment guy with her. We will all be talking about Miles' wheelchair needs. They will measure his little body and make decisions about his chair and all it's parts. Last Thursday they came and I got really overwhelmed about this process. I'm hoping to do better this time. The medical guy went over a million things that I just wasn't ready for. I didn't want to hear the word Lumbar one more time.
10:00 Melody goes to the Library with her Grandma Jody.
2:00 Go to Spencer's school and help decorate cafeteria for the graduation reception. A teacher asked me to help decorate. She said she didn't want to ask me because I have a million other kids but she did anyway.
Remind Mike and Kim to take C&P dinner.
7:00 My Spencer Boy's Kindergarten Graduation!!!
After Grad. he wants to go to Golden Corral. This is his favorite place to eat. He loves getting to eat all the desserts he wants.

Last day of school for J&S.
Zoo day for Spencer. Last Lunchable day.
House cleaner comes from 8-12. Everyone must be gone.
The boys are at school, and I take the girls and Miles to Grandma Shirley's.
During that time it's grocery shopping, errand and tanning day.

5:00 neice in law's graduation

10:00 Church
6:00 Core Service at church.

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