Monday, May 22, 2006

You are so good Lord!

Yesterday was an awesome day in my walk with Christ. I got to baptize "my girl" in the lake. It was so amazing. I felt so honored to be able to baptize her. J. was the first person I've ever baptized. It was so neat that 6 girls/women walked out into the lake together for baptisms. The Children's Church was represented, the Youth/College was represented and Adult/Life Groups were represented. The whole thing was amazing and special to me. After we were all done and J and I were drying off she said, "I feel so good. I just can't explain it. I just feel so full". That's what the Lord does. He makes us so full like nothing else on this earth can. We can have temporary highs and highlights, but even those things are not completely fulfilling. When the Holy Spirit fills you up then everything else drops in comparison. Thank you Jesus!

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