Friday, May 09, 2008

Miles has been in the ICU for the last two days. It's been crazy. He's stable now and hopefully we will be put on the regular floor sometime today.

This ICU is so emotionally draining. On this floor there are no rooms. Just curtains. Last night a child was moved in across from me that has broken my heart. I could take two steps into his room.
He is 8 years old. Perfectly normal and healthy. No problems at all. Last night he told his parents that his head hurt then he was totally out. He had a brain anurism. His brain is bleeding. He's totally sidated. I've heard the doctors on the phone saying that he will probably die. One minute the kids is totally normal and the next minute his brain is bleeding. Right now I can see all his family is the room crying for the 12th hour straight. His Mom, Dad, Grandparents and other family are in their wailing. My heart is so full of pain for them.
I've been crying all night and day for their family. I'm a wreck. I've prayed for that boy more than I have for my own son in a year it feels like.

It's beyond a nightmare for them. It's the worst thing I can think of.

He needs a miracle. A true miracle. The great thing is that "we know a guy" that is in the miracle business. Please pray for this boy. Jesus is his only chance! Agree with me that all things are possible! Also, agree that Jesus is going to heal is brain quickly!

Even the nurses here are crying about this boy. It looks like a horrible tragedy! Let's believe for this family when it's too hard for them to believe.


A-lauf said...

I am all over it!

Francesca said...

Brain Card??

ericaprosser said...

got it

mccobbey said...

That family is blessed to have you there. I think it was meant to be for a prayer warrior to be next to them.