Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More Surgery Talk

We talked to the surgeon this morning. I felt so much better after meeting him and talking to him. He showed us the pump. I kept picturing the thing as light weight plastic, but it’s heavy and steal. He will actually weigh a little more with this thing in! It’s a little bigger than a hockey puck. It’s about as thick. (I’m not sure how it’s going to fit.) The doctor said that it was going to be a challenge but he said he’ll make it work. The Wilson’s all have “innie” belly buttons…but tomorrow that will change. Miles will be an “outie”. They have to detach his belly button so they pump will fit.
Wednesday we have to be at the hospital at 4:30 A.M. I haven’t previously known that the world exsisted at that hour so I’ll be looking forward to checking that out. It will really be interesting since I’ll be required to answer a million medical questions at that hour. We’ll see how that works out!
He has to go in so early because since they’re putting in an implant infection is a big concern so he has to have a round of antibiotics before the surgery. Please please please pray against infection. Also another concern is that his chest is sounding rattley. (The spell check is telling me that’s not a word, but it is in my book.) The humidity here is different and it always seems to mess Miles up. I don’t want the anesthesiologist to mess with me about it tomorrow. They tend to be a panicky kind of people when it comes to Miles. One of them checked him out today and she seemed to understand that this was normal for Miles.

So, tomorrow is the big day. Thank you all for praying for us! I can feel your prayers. I have peace where I’ve had no peace. Please keep praying!!!!!!!! The doctor’s name is Dr. Honeycutt.
I’ll update tomorrow.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Pam!

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