Monday, May 05, 2008

Pump Surgery

Well, the schedule was changed up a little so we’re leaving today for Ft. Worth instead of tomorrow. A last minute appointment came up for 8:00 in the morning so we ended up having to find someone for the kids tonight. I didn’t want to add anything to the people I already had on the schedule so I was talking to Randy about what I should do. Spencer piped up and suggested that they spend the night with Ashley and Cody. Randy said that he was thinking of them as well. Normally I wouldn’t ask a couple with one little baby to watch four school aged kids, but it felt right. I called her up and said, “Hey, I’ve got a crazy thing to ask you!” She was excited. She talked to Randy and it’s a Go. They’re going to watch the kids tonight and Ashley will get them ready and take them to school tomorrow! How funny is that? I talked to her today and she said they felt like real grown ups today because they will have a big family tonight and their going shopping for a lawn mower.

Well, I’ve been a lot more emotional than usual about this upcoming surgery. It’s a pretty big deal. Long term I know it’s a good thing. I’m just not looking forward to the next 2 weeks. PLEASE pray for all of us.
Miles’ surgery will go perfectly!
That Miles’ body responds well to the pump in his body.
The medicine does a great job in his body! FREEDOM!!!!!!
That I will have peace. (PLEASE pray for this one over and over!)
Everyone will follow the schedule that I have made for the other four children.
That my kids will have peace while I’m gone. Teachers talked to me today about how concerned the boys are about the surgery.
Miles will recover quickly from surgery.
There will be no staph infection in Jesus’ name!
We will have safe travel.
I will not be upset about being there by myself.
We will be in the hospital for the right amount of days.
I will make good choices when I’m eating at the cafeteria for all three meals every day.

Thank you for praying. I’ll have my laptop up there so I’ll make sure and update on all that’s going on.



Anonymous said...

Peace like a river. Imagine me singing that over you again and again. It's yours! Supernatural peace in the name of Jesus.

Jennifer said...

I'll sing back up with Cherith. Actually maybe not. I think that would not add any peace. How about we just imagine me telling you dozens and dozens of my embarrassing stories. I've got plenty of them.