Monday, July 14, 2008

House Talk

Okay, the other day I went to Krissy’s house again and I fell in love with all her decorations that she has in her house. Her home feels so nice and homey. She has rich colors on the walls and everything seems to have a perfect place.

Now, for those that have been to my house know that Randy and I like a nice clean house. I can’t stand clutter of any kind. If my style had a name I think it would be Simple Clean.

The thing is though, that after I was at Krissy’s and really enjoyed her house I began to look around at mine and wondered how people felt at my house. I really want an honest answer. Does my home feel sterile?

When you’re in my home does the décor make you think:
A. Did she just move in?
B. This is clean and comfortable.
C. This is a nice house.
D. Does Brandi even know where Kirkland’s is?

Please answer. I’m really trying to either make peace with my taste or force myself to warm up my house.


Becky said...

B. Definately B. I think if you had a lot of decor plus kids it would be cluttery and you and Randy, especially Randy isn't into clutter.

I love your house because it represents you. That is why I love your house. Simple but inviting. It always seems so clean in your house and I love that. Get too much stuff and it feels dirty and messy all the me..I know. :)

Ashlee said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure what you have done since the one time I was at your home but I remember liking it. I think that when you lived at Burger Street you probably had to keep things simple. Now, of course you have much more space so you wouldn't necessarily have to keep it that way. That said, I think the most important thing is that your home!! For me, my house is somewhat in between. I fight a battle with clutter constantly...mostly books, toys, etc. but really try to keep the decor itself simple. We have colored walls so I think it makes it easy to keep things airy and still warm.

Anonymous said...

ok, I can't remember the choices, but I love your house just the way it is. It is inviting and warm. You don't have to have to have kirklands everywhere to make your home beautiful (confession: I'm not a big fan of the kirklands style). So, in a nutshell, I like your home!

God's Warrior Bride said...

I have never been in your home, but knowing you I am sure your home is absolutly you - warm, inviting and loving.

Likewise my house is a reflection of me (and my brain) - antique, cluttered, occassionally disorganized, fun, busy, and total eclectic.

But here lately I have been seriously considering becoming a minimalist! Just to see what it feels like!

Amanda said...

I love being at your house. It has a few decorations here and there, which make it perfect to me. I always feel like I can just relax and not worry about knocking something over or putting it back in the exact spot it's supposed to be in!

So, I guess my answer is B!

Jennifer said...

I think you have tons of style and decor in your house. Your furniture is awesome. I mean, your table is an original! Your boys' room has a Star Wars motif. Your girls' room is so girly. I envy everything in your bedroom. The living room has beautiful photographs of your family. All your appliances match. I guess I'm confused about what you would change in your house. I mean, have you seen my house. (i know you have) The only "decor" I have are Kalista & Xander's homework art and a Hannah Montana poster in my living room. Well, there is a cow that Xander made taped to the wall in my hallway.