Monday, July 28, 2008


Veruca Salt aka ME right now.

Most of the time the I WANTS don’t really bother me. I stay pretty content on the materialistic. But there are a few things that I’m wanting.

Number 1 is a new iPod. My Dad bought me an awesome iPod about 2 and a half years ago and I used it more than I ever thought I would. When Becky and I went on our trip last summer I had taken nail polish and nail polish remover. Well, the polish remover leaked on my iPod and ate the face of it. It swelled up the dial. It looked really weird but it worked still. Then a couple of months ago I had my iPod stuck nicely in my bra so I could get the dishes done faster. When I pulled it out to skip a song the swollen dial got caught and almost ripped off. I tucked it back in and it still worked except it was really hard to change songs. I kept using it, but now it’s just tired. It will work for a little while then it just stops. Long story coming to an end here. I would like a new iPod. Not just any iPod. I had a really nice one that still wasn’t full even though it had a couple of days worth of music and sermons on it. I miss it.

Okay, also, I would like a iPod docker so I could listen to it while I’m cooking or cleaning without having to hold it in my bra. I was at Rachel’s and she had Misty Edwards cranked up while she was cooking. It was awesome.

I would also like a new tv that isn’t 19 inches. After having that huge tv for the party I’ve looked our tiny tv with loathing and pity. We had that huge tv for 5 days and it’s just hard to go back. The new tv isn’t way up ther eon my list and I’m pretty sure that will die down, but right now it’s a want because I know what I’m missing.

So I realize that right now my wants are all electronic. Hmmm…I do have some of my dad in me after all. He likes the gadgets as well.

Non electronic I would like new couches just like my old ones. Mine are just looking old. Randy wants to try to die them. He’s been reading on how to die leather.

We owe the school a lot of money for books and registration and tuition is coming up. I would love for the whole school year to be paid off! I can't tell you what that would feel like.

I've got several (about 7) rolls of film that I want developed. I'm spoiled on HEB developing so I can't settle for cheap prints somewhere else. I would really like to see our beach pictures.

Photo shoot for my kids with Wendy. I'm excited to see what she comes up with.

Also, to add to my electronic wants I would also enjoy a new digital camera. I’ve never had much luck with them, but I would like one that is easy to carry around, takes great pictures and won’t break. Is that too much to ask?

Lastly, I would enjoy having a month where I could just have extra money to spend. I would love a guilt free month of clothes shopping, giving to others, stuff shopping, money in my wallet kind of month.

That’s all I can think of right now.

What is something you've been WANTING? (That you can buy.)


God's Warrior Bride said...

OMG - Where do I start - Ok I've got it:

I would like a massage - not just a regular massage - I would like for it to be a 1 1/2 hour deep muscle massage.

I would love a dishwasher! I haven't had one ever since we moved to Clyde (11+ years)and I just hate washing dishes.

When Jordan goes back to college, I would like to redo the room he has been staying - to make it into a kids bed/play room. I would like to have two old metal twin beds for the room.

I want/need a new refrigerator.
If it is more of a need than a want, does it count?

I really want to take some photography classes this semester and would like to do it without going into debt.

I would also like to purchase 4 new lenses for my cameras. I know it doesn't sound like much but they are so expensive.

I would totally enjoy having a CD and speakings in my Jeep so I can listen to the music again.

And last but not least, I would also enjoy having a month where I could just have extra money to spend on "stuff" - Luxury stuff - new clothes, shoes, comforters, shower curtain, rugs, master bed room suite, curtains, new set of pots and pans, buying and giving to others, etc.

PS I am so excited to do a photo shoot of your kids - just let me know when you're ready.

The Honorable Mrs. Cobbey said...

Funny that Veruca Salt is on your blog. We just did a "WW & the Chocolate Factory" tour by reading the book and watching both movies with Daniel!

Since we're wishing out loud, Things I want:

All my lesson planning to be completely done.
A new kitchen.
A new master bathroom.
My backyard to be landscaped.
A new tree (or more) in the front yard.
A bike.
A Smart Car.
New summer clothes that fit.
A new laptop.
A new phone.
Piano playing ability with no practice.

Thanks for letting me air this out...

Rachel said...

#1: My scrapbook room finished with flooring, lighting, bed, cabinets, countertops, curtains, etc.

#2: A porch over my patio

#3: Paint for my living room and kitchen

#4: My backyard landscaped

#5: Sometimes I would like a bigger tv

#6: New couches

#7: My living room completely decorated

#8: College tuition

#9: Another out of town trip with some girlfriends

#10: My house paid off

#11: My car paid off

That's all I can think of for now. . . I'm sure I'll come up with more later.

Ashlee said...

1) New living room furniture
2) Bedroom Furniture
3) Dresser for the girls
4) Video Camera
5) Digital Food Scale
6) One of the fire bowl things for the deck
7) the chefs rack/microwave stand thing I found on
8) A Wii
9) A Playstation 3

Thats all I can come up with. Tops are probably 1,3,7 and 8.


First of all I wanted to thank you for inviting me over Friday nite I had a wonderful time. I must admit alot of the time I realy worry about fitting in with many women from the church, but you all made me feel so welcome, thank you so much. As for wants I am with you on the ipod I have an ipod nano that I am never without and this week I went to plug it in to charge it and the connection shorted out so now it wont work, I am totaly lost with out it. My only other want is something that can't be bought. Love Ya. Julie

Cyndi said...

guess mine are pretty simple:
*school loans paid off
*better car
*school Clothes for ALL 3 OF MY girls (hey ask me about that)
* 2 twin beds for Sapphire and Shaina (my girls)

High in Demand said...

Ashlee...put me down for a Wii as well.

Those things are so fun!

And Julie, You're welcome! I'm so glad you came!

Start World Hunger said...

I want 30 acres of land we're looking at buying (but I don't want to pay for it!)

I want EVERYTHING I registered for for Elizabeth.

Backyard toys for Justus.

Backyard deck and fire pit and patio furniture.

I want new living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture...basically a shopping spree to Ashley furniture and Lowe's.

Clothing shopping spree to the Mall.

Free passes to all movie theaters for 100 years.

And, another bloodhound.

A-lauf said...

Are women high maintenance?????? All I want is for you all to be happy. :)

MONICA said...

I want an IPOD too!! Im so behind the technology, no mp3 ever.

I want a digital camera w/zoom. (one for me, and a new one for Nick)

I want a new vacuum OR all new hardwood floors,so I can chunk the vaccuum.

I want some new perfume and a new handbag.

And I want a big sum of money to spend on a shopping spree for my family's wants!

Oh, Yeah...and my school loans paid off.