Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I’ve been too busy parenting to take time to give parenting advice I guess.

Here’s a quick one for those of you with babies.

I used to keep a calendar and an attached pen by the changing table. Everyday I would try to write something on the calendar that the baby did. It makes a fantastic journal. Also, when you actually have time to fill out the baby book you can just take down the calendar and copy so you don’t have to rely on your sleep deprived brain to remember when the “1st” happened. TIP: when copying the calendar for the baby book use a lot of different pens so it doesn’t look like you did it all at once.

On the calendar I used to write all kinds of things down. I used to write down the firsts of course. Also, when they got weighed at the doctor, when they peed on me while I changed their diaper in the parking lot of the mall, when we went to lunch with their grandma, when they got a new cousin and when they cried their head off day because they were cutting teeth.


God's Warrior Bride said...

Man o Man where were you when I had little ones. Makes me want to dig out the baby book and try to upodate it. (26 years later) LOL! I love all of your tips. So practical and so good. You sure would have made my child rearing days a lot easier. Thanks for sharing.

PS Let me know when your guys are ready for your pictures. Am so looking forward to it.

Start World Hunger said...

Thanks to Rachel, we now can have an amazing calendar/scrapbook combo! Great tip!