Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life's Not Boring...I'll give it that.

CONFESSION: I’ve already been cheating on my new friend “Free Time.”

Yesterday (Wednesday) Randy and I were in Ft. Worth all day with Miles. We had the appt. to talk to the surgeon about the “g-button”. That dreaded appt. ended up being fantastic. Randy and I both give Dr. Miller five stars! He took his time with us and answered all of our questions. He explained everything perfectly. I feel very good about the whole thing. The Lord has done an amazing thing in my heart and mind about the g-button. The surgery will be in 2 or 3 weeks. Randy and I had a great time together yesterday. It was nice to hang out with him all day. He still makes me laugh all the time!

Well, early this morning Miles had an appt. with Dr. Wiley. The appt. was just a follow up from when he was in the hospital. He’s sounding better, looking better and eating better, but he’s still not able to drink…well, anything. I really thought that we were going to go to the check-up, leave and then go about our day. As a matter of fact on the way there I passed the Hickory Street Café and thought that maybe Cherith would like to have a nice lunch with me there.

I was waiting to be called to the room when who walks in the doctors office? Cherith! Justus had a check-up today. I told her that I was just thinking about inviting her to lunch. She told me to call her later to make plans.

When I saw Dr. Wiley he said that Miles looked very dry from dehydration. (To make a long story less long) he decided to put Miles in the hospital today to put in an 8 French Dobhoff feeding tube. What? Do you not know what that is? Well, I didn’t either.

All day I was at the hospital so they could put this tube in Miles. This is how I will feed him liquid until he has the surgery. No, I’m not kidding.

This tube was put in through his nose, down his throat and down into his body. You can see in the x-ray where it is. It’s the curly tube looking thing. This is not where it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to uncurl and go further down into his intestine. All day the nurses messed with it and the re-x-rayed him to see if it was fixed. It wasn’t. They finally let me leave the hospital at 5:30. I have to go back to see Dr. Wiley tomorrow for more x-rays to see if the tube is in the right place. (Insert prayer request here!)

The big strange shape thing in the x-ray is his pump that he got put in a few months ago. In the x-ray that I got to see today I could see all the gears inside the pump. It looked so awesome!!!!!

So, how crazy is this? Definitely not how I planned my day. Definitely not how I planned on feeding Miles liquid. Definitely didn’t plan for Miles to have this tube taped on Miles’ face for the next three weeks.

Still, I did get to eat lunch with sweet Cherith and Justus! We didn’t eat at Hickory Street Café. We ate a little further down on Hickory…Room 3222. (Thank you Cherith!)

All encouragement is now being accepted.


trish said...

This is good, he can stay hydrated and not have problems with reflux! I am glad this worked out well. I am so happy you had peace at your appointment. I love you!

Start World Hunger said...

I know that everything is going to work out for the best. God, work a miracle in Miles today. I don't know what kind of miracle exactly, but You know the exact thing that he needs today!