Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I’d like to thank the Academy.

We did it!

We won back to back table decorating contests!

Rachel and I are the Dynamic Duo.

I promise we don't really have red eyes.

First of all I’d like to thank the judges for voting for us and not throwing us out for our oddball table.
Also, I’d like to thank my Mom…for not winning. (Although I was secretly voting for her in my own head.)
Then I’d like to thank the people sitting at our table for making it look better than it actually did…You know who you are.
Of course I can’t leave out Jennifer for making our table “authentic.” I’m so glad I have a Mexican friend. Oh, I mean Hispanic.
I’d like to thank the cactus for not being prickly.
And, I’m sorry to those of you that should have won but didn’t because I needed something to be giddy about.

Most of all I’d like to thank Rachel for being my most creative friend. It’s so fun when you and I have an idea and it just takes off in a matter of seconds. It’s so fun to collaborate on all those lovely details! I love how we both do our share and get a project done. I’ve already got an idea for next year, but I obviously can’t share it here. We’ll meet in the sound proof bat cave soon and discuss our ThreePeat.

*Side Bar* Every time I type Rachel. No, I mean every time…I always type RANCHEL. I think it’s because I’m used to typing Randy.

*Side Bar #2* On the same day I also happened to win a book on the 5 minutes for parenting special needs kids blog. I really wanted that book and almost bought it for myself last week, but decided to wait to see if I would win. I did!

Anyway, Feliz Navidad!


Amanda said...

I'm so excited that you won the table decorating and the book! How awesome is that. Did Jennifer speak any spanish for you? That would of really made it authentic.

High in Demand said...

She said she didn't know the Spanish. Luckily the judges didn't ask her.

Amanda said...

She could of said taco, or burrito or something like that. She should at least know how to say Hello, my name is Jennifer. Dang what kind of mexican is she?

Rachel said...

Yes, we won . . . hold the applause please! ;)

Just kidding!

It was so much fun and it's awesome when ideas start to flow like they did with that table!

About your idea for next year -- if we can pull that one off, I think we have to stop decorating tables! There is no way we could top that one!! Great idea and my creative wheels are spinning!!

High in Demand said...

I totally agree Rachel!
It would defiantly put us in early retirement.
I think it would be worth it.

Cyndi said...

congrates.. your table was awesome

Start World Hunger said...

I totally wanted to sit at your table, but I didn't want the other tables to feel left out...so in fairness, I sat at an empty table. Of course, after I sat there, it became the "hip" table and wasn't empty long. How can I help it? I'm so cool!

jennifergg said...


Send me your mailing address and I'll send out your book from 5MFSN...

If you already did, I'm sorry! I think my spam blocker got it...