Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Less Than 24 Hours to Guess

Contest will end Tuesday @ Noon

Last week when we went to see the pulminologist he told us about a machine called The Vest. He thinks it will help Miles. It's supposed to "shake the snot" out of his chest. It was over nighted to us this week and today a woman drove from San Angelo to teach me how to use it. He has to use it 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. He uses it while he's getting his breathing treatments. The lady told me that periodically I would get a call from the company so I can tell them the read out on how many hours the machine has been used. They use the information to prove to the insurance company that it's being used. I had an idea on how much the machine costs, but it turns out that I was wrong. While the lady was here I asked her how much it was and the total was, well, it was a few dollars. Let's play a game. You can each guess how much this machine was and the closest guess without going over (because I'm a fan of the Price is Right) wins a prize! I have a good prize in mind so make it a good guess.

Cherith cannot participate in the contest because she already knows how much it costs. She will be the accountability judge. I tried to load a video for you to see it working, but it never would finish loading.

You can only guess one time, but for every person that guesses, a new item will be added to the prize box.
Anyway, good luck.


Francesca said...


Start World Hunger said...

accountability judge? what the heck is that? and, do i get a prize? wait, maybe i'll blackmail you and threaten to tell everyone how much it costs unless i get a prize.

maybe not.

just in case you can't sense the ridiculous humor of this comment, i'm totally joking.

High in Demand said...

Cherith, if you weren't entertaining MY husband in the middle of the afternoon when I called him then you could be in the contest.


Pamelotta said...

I have an issue with the comments being seen by everyone. Since you're a fan of TPIR, you know that the minute I give my hard thought out guess, all the next person has to do is add a dollar and I'm out of the game.

Just sayin.



Jennifer said...

$1 Bob! $1!!!

Rachel said...


Pamelotta said...


Amanda said...

I have to go with $15,000.