Monday, August 23, 2010

Day of Firsts

Today was a day of “Firsts.”

Joey had his first day of 7th grade.

Jocie had her first day of 3rd grade. It also was her first day of being in a combined class.

Melody had her first day of 2nd grade. Also, it was her first day to go to school without her “Bubba” being there.

It was Spencer’s first day of Home School. It was also my first day to teach Home School. We had a great day together. I think the 5th grade is going to be a lot of fun for us both.

As exciting as all those things are, there’s been one thing that has made my heart heavy today. Today would have been Miles’ first day of Kindergarten. I still can’t believe he’s not healed yet. Obviously every day isn’t devastating, but days like today make my heart feel tender and my eyes easy to tear up. Of course it doesn’t help much that Miles has been sick for quite a while now and that the last two mornings he’s woken up with a blood-covered face. He’s been having bad nosebleeds so it’s been very sad in the mornings.

Today when I went to pick up the kids from school I saw Ginny picking up Austin. Ginny and I were pregnant at the same time. There were actually five us that were pregnant at the same time: Francesca, Ginny, Me, Becky & Kristy. All of those “babies” are now in Kindergarten or Pre-K. Well, except Miles.

I haven’t cried about it yet. I’ve felt like it all day, but I’ve been busy with everyone else’s “Firsts.”

Lord, please…

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Fiver said...

praying for your peace and thankful for each and every first today . . .

"If you have reached the end of all the light that you know, and you are about to step into the darkness that is unknown, Faith can do one of two things for you . . .
Either you will step onto solid ground or you will be taught to fly."

praying for mile's wings,

nicole and jere