Monday, August 30, 2010

"The Perfect One"

Melody's teacher from last year, Mrs. Black has a daughter Kara that's a senior this year. She has some sewing experience, but she's still learning. Mrs. Black told me that Kara wanted to make dresses for my girls so she could practice. I thought that was so neat. When I told the girls they were so excited. On Saturday we met Mrs. Black and Kara at Wal-Mart to look at patterns. They let the girls look through all the books to find "the perfect one." They were so sweet to Jocie and Melody. Jocie ended up picking a pattern with flowing princess sleeves (of course.) Melody picked a cute summer dress (of course.)

After that we went to Hancock Fabrics where we spent the next few HOURS looking at fabric! I'm totally not kidding. We looked and looked and looked at almost every bolt in that place to find "the perfect one" for each girl. When Jocie found her "perfect one" there was no doubt about it. She found it, held onto it and that was the end of it. She picked this very elegant fabric. It's turquoise with a rich brown pattern of flowers. It's going to be stunning!

Melody however had in her head what she wanted and although there were about 2,000 fabrics to choose from...she couldn't find "the perfect one." She loves purple. She loves polka dots. She wanted a WHITE background with PURPLE polka dots. It had to be the right purple and it could NOT be a purple background with white polka dots. Well, they didn't have that. We had decided that we would have to go to another store and look there. The girls were wilting by this time. We went to look for the ribbon for Jocie's dress before we left and that helped motivate Miss Mella. She loved looking at the ribbon and wanted a dress material to match ribbon to.

Mrs. Black had to go to the bathroom and on her way back she found some material that Melody decided she loved. It was bright pink and orange and had vibrant fruits all over it. Melody quickly matched some rainbow rick-rack to the dress and then found some buttons for accessories.

Mrs. Black and Kara paid for everything. They totally could have bought new dresses at Dillard's for the price they paid for the material. Jocie's alone was $9 a yard! I'm so very excited to see how they come out...did I mention that Melody also wanted a matching hat to go with her dress? That girl is so funny. She knows what she wants.

I have no idea how long it will take for Kara to finish the dresses. I'm sure she will also be busy with school. I look forward to seeing will follow I'm sure.

After a long afternoon of shopping Cold Stone was in order. Mmmmm....Coffee Lovers is The Best!

I just felt so blessed that they would want to do that. The dresses are going to be very special!


Fiver said...

How exciting for the girls!! I'm sure they'll be perfect!!

Happy Monday,


Rachel said...

That is awesome! I'm loving Mrs. Black more and more every week! Ok, so there's only been 1 week, but I really like her! :)