Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Love...

A few things I love in no particular order what-so-ever:

I love when I find a really good book that I can get so into it that I don’t care what goes on around me as long as I can keep reading.

I love getting a card unexpectedly in the mail from a friend declaring their love for me again.

I love losing myself in worship so deep that I literally forget where I am or that other people are around me.

I love sewing while watching TV shows on my laptop.

I love at the end of a day when Randy and I will open a bottle of wine, grab a crunchy snack and watch The Office. (and always beat them to the punch line)

I love that Randy and I have this secret communication that we use when we can’t actually say something because other people are around. It can mean “Oh my gosh!” or “That’s funny” or “Hey, that’s interesting!” or “I can’t believe he/she just said that” or “Remember to talk about that later when we’re alone” Or…

I love going out to eat and watching the kids order their own food now. They look so young and grown up at the same time.

I love going to the library because everything is free there.

I love listening to audio books when I make a long road trip by myself. I get lost in the book and the trip seems to go so quickly.

I love sweating during a good workout. It makes me feel like I’ve made a difference.

I love how big my house feels after it’s all clean.

I love how when I walk into church it feels like I’m home.

I love on a rare Saturday morning when we have nothing to do and we all pile in the bed and wrestle.

I love reading comments from other people on my blog or Facebook.

I love when I get my hair colored and Cindy fixes my hair. Why can’t I do my hair the same way?

I love when my Mom cooks for me.

I love when I re-read something I’ve written and it surprises me at how good it is. Is that vain?

I love when I feel appreciated.

I love going to the movies.

I love playing Monopoly with Randy and the kids. (and winning)

I love getting a good deal on something.

I love time alone.

I love new markers. I always tell the kids never to use them, look at them or borrow them. That never works.

I love feeling like I’m supposed to do something and then following through.

There’s more. Of course there’s more, but I’ve got to go take a shower…another thing I love.

And yes, I do love long walks on the beach.


Fiver said...

:D I love being able to help you and be your friend!!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

i love your list! we share some of the same loves... exceptin my man is named David. i love that we celebrate 15 years of marriage this next week. oh and while we didn't quite have a ghetto wedding *snort* it was a total DIY event! but whatever, i just wanted to be married to him! oh and my part time job while in college was working at a laundromat. do you know how gross it is to do other people's laundry by the pound? especially other "rich" college students who can afford to have someone else do their laundry? *gag* but i digress on this post about an older post... just call me dork. :)