Thursday, August 25, 2011

Coldplay - Fix You [Lyrics]

Randy has been singing this song to me lately.
I can't begin to explain how thankful I am for him.

These past 6 years we've been through the unthinkable.
He was the best possible Poppa for Miles.
Oh, how he loved Miles.
He took such great care of him.
He sat with Miles in the crook of his arm on the couch.
He supported me and encouraged me when it was tough with Miles.

Since Miles has died I've been a mess.
Randy has been so patient with me.
He's allowing me the precious gift of time to heal.

He doesn't get a pat on the back.
He doesn't have shoulders to cry on like I do.
Randy lost his son too.
Still, he has a business to run and a family to support.
There seems to be no rest for the weary.

Randy is trying to juggle work, money, his own grief and a crying wife.
It's a lot to juggle.
I just wanted you to know how amazing he is...even though he doesn't
really think he is. (That's part of his charm.)

I'm so proud of you. I'm so thankful for you! Thank you for keeping on even though it's hard. Thank you for trying to "Fix Me." You're such a treasure to me.
Much Love,

(One of Randy's favorite pictures of him and Miles.)


Fiver said...

Jere once said that Randy is two things most young men his age aren't and usually can only hope to aspire to one day.

A righteous man with integrity.

Only a righteous man with true integrity would know to walk so close to God in order to draw the strength needed to keep his own hand over his precious wife and children.

You are blessed.



MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

sweet and tender. makes me cry.

i am so glad that you and randi are walking through this TOGETHER.

praying for him. and you. and y'all.