Saturday, August 20, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Today Randy and I had a few extra minutes to spare so we stopped by the Goodwill close to our house. I like stopping in there when I have extra time in-between places. You just never know what you will find. I stopped in today because I'm still looking for more vintage board games for my kitchen. I found a couple of games today for very cheap. However, that wasn't the treasure of the day.

While I'm there I usually check out the records to see what they have. Today I found a few that made me very happy! At 25 cents each these are always an exciting buy. I got the soundtrack album for the movie Starman. Do you remember that movie from the 80's? I actually got 4 soundtracks. One is from the American Tale. I remember as a kid that movie made me sad for my Mama even if she was just in the other room. I found a Dolly Parton album from the movie 9 to 5. My favorite though is from YENTL. I love me some Barbra Streisan! I would give up half my record collection for this soundtrack in particular! Have you ever seen YENTL? I love that movie! In the movie all she wants to do above anything else is to be able to study the Bible, but she's a Jewish woman and isn't permitted to read it herself so she dresses up like a boy and goes to seminary. Anyway, it gets complicated when she falls in love with a boy. excited as I was about the still wasn't the treasure of the day.


I found these adorable-I know they were crocheted by a little old woman-pot holders! How cute are these? I saw them and I felt I HAD TO rescue them! They needed a home where they would be appreciated and used. They were all sold together for $2.89, but it had a Blue Tag on it so they were Half Off today! Believe me, they're even cuter in person. All that old lady-crocheted-fruity-crafty-goodness made me smile!

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YOU make me smile! :)