Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Indian Vests

After working on a project for the Kindergarten class today I needed a boost for my self esteem. November is here so that of course means Indian vests made out of paper sacks for Kindergartners all over the country. Well, I was given the task of making them ready to decorate. That means that I took a regular paper sack and turned it into a wearable vest for nine sweet kids I know. Well, I decided to take the sacks into the cafeteria to work on them because the paper sack was a little loud to work with. I thought I would be a distraction to the kids while they learned their lessons.

Well, Mrs. Brokaw showed me how to make the vest, but my brain could not figure it out once I was in the cafeteria all alone. My rapidly growing scrap pile mocked me as I tried to figure out this quite simple craft. I started out with a few extra sacks but I was just about out of extras when I decided to pray and ask the Lord to please spare me the embarrassment of having to ask how to make them again. At once He showed me the way and I began to cut up those sacks like a pro. I will say that those sacks did not want to submit to their higher calling. They were determined to stay sacks. They were not interested in being vests. Oh how they begged me to leave them alone. Believe me. I have a blister on my thumb from the scissors to prove it. I did wrestle them and they did submit. I even made an extra one just to prove to them who was boss. Somehow during the cutting process the sacks convinced the principle to do a fire drill. I had to stop my cutting to help Kindergarten get out safely and quickly. The soon to be vests probably were convinced that I would be too distracted with the fire drill to return to them, but indeed I was not. I returned with determination that got the job done.

Tomorrow I will watch the vests be turned into one of a kind art creations as they are colored by chubby little hands.


I'm afraid I have some bad news. I'm going to have to go to a password protected blog. I'm going to keep the same blog it's just that you'll have to sign in to be able to read it. It will be like Becky's (if you read Becky's). If you read this and I don't know it or I don't have your email address then please leave me a comment on here that you would like to continue reading and I'll send you an invitation. I'll give you about a week before I shut er' down.


Amanda said...

I still remember when Alexis made her first Indian vest in Kindergarten. It was so cute! I'm sure Anoe will make one soon too. Your Kindergarten is so very blessed to have such a dedicated teacher! I think anytime you get a blister because of work that should exempt you automatically from a full day of cooking/cleaning!

High in Demand said...

I wouldn't say that...I would be sure to home with a blister every day!