Monday, November 05, 2007

What's for Dinner?

Sunday nights are one of our busiest evenings. It’s the night that we get our house and paperwork in order for the coming week. After our afternoon nap I make a list of things that have to be done. It always has put away laundry on it. That’s a big chore. It also has organize calendar, sign kid’s folders, make lunches for the next day, clean house and clean house. It takes us hours to get all these things done, but it makes for a beautiful Monday morning.

I always do these things.

Well, last night was Sunday night, and after I made my list I had an unfamiliar feeling. I didn’t want to do those things. When those things are done I feel so good about the week. I feel accomplished and together, but last night I didn’t care. I wanted to do something fun with Randy and the kids. We had already spent all weekend together enjoying each other but I wanted more free time with them.

I told Randy what I was feeling and a great idea came to me about what we could do. Very quickly we all threw on clothes and headed off to H-E-B. We told the kids before we left what we were doing. We told them that we were going to go to the store and they were going to get to pick out what ever they wanted to eat for dinner. I was really determined in my heart not to say no. I was just going to let them pick out what they wanted.

Before we got there Spencer knew he wanted some plums. Unfortunately for him they were out of season so he didn’t get any, but I wasn’t the one to say no…nature was. Okay, so right off the bat I did say no, but it was only one time, and it was when Joey wanted to eat caramel apples. That’s more of a project than a food. So, no more saying no after that.

No longer than it took me to say, “Hey, let’s all keep our eye out for something that Miles would like.” Spencer brought me the perfect thing. In the bakery he saw a little cup of Trifle like he had for his birthday cake. It’s his favorite sweet. Miles was very pleased at dinner time. Joey wasn’t too thrilled though because Miles was sitting by him and kept sneezing whip cream all over Joey. By the end of dinner Joey had big chunks of white stuff all in his hair.

Melody was easy. She wanted a Lunchable for dinner. The other kids get a Lunchable once a week for lunch and she doesn’t get one. It’s a big deal every week so she was excited that she could actually get one.

Joey found some nacho cheese so he could make nachos at the house.

Jocie decided she also wanted a Lunchable but instead of the regular kind she wanted the Hamburger Lunchable. I’ve never bought one of those before but she loved it.

I decided that I would go check out what was in the deli. I never shop at the deli. It was such a treat to pick out some rotisserie chicken salad. Randy and I bought some tomato and Club crackers and shared the chicken salad for our supper.

Also, Randy was really in the mood for cottage cheese so he bought some of that to eat with crackers as well. I can say that I’ve never been in the mood for cottage cheese. I don’t even like typing it.

Spencer was the last to pick. He always is. He likes to take his time and evaluate all his choices. He ended up seeing some rice pudding in the deli section and he decided on that. He ended up eating some rice pudding and sharing nachos with Joey.

We also bought a Coke to drink. Then Spencer and Randy saw some red CRUSH that they were sure they needed.

We went home and had our feast. All the smells made my stomach hurt so I couldn’t really enjoy the chicken salad too much. I was sitting by Jocie and she was eating that pre-fab hamburger. It totally grossed me out. She loved it, but I did not like looking at it. I did eat my chicken salad for lunch today and it was good.

Last night our table was filled with trash from our packages. There were empty red CRUSH bottles every where. There were lots of things half eaten and several people had shared their food. I made a request before we were done with dinner. I asked that no one throw up that night! There were so many different colors, textures and smells going on that the throw up would have been too much. Thankfully everyone paid attention to the request.

Anyway, we had a great time. It was a nice treat for everyone.

I'm afraid I have some bad news. I'm going to have to go to a password protected blog. I'm going to keep the same blog it's just that you'll have to sign in to be able to read it. It will be like Becky's (if you read Becky's). If you read this and I don't know it or I don't have your email address then please leave me a comment on here that you would like to continue reading and I'll send you an invitation. I'll give you about a week before I shut er' down.


Anonymous said...

i want to be a mom like you. a mom who listens to the holy spirit and blesses her kids!

Carolyn said...

me too~Carolyn