Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My First Turkey!

Well, I’m cooking my first turkey today! I’ve never even cooked a whole chicken before! I’ve never even touched a slimy whole carcass of any kind before. I’ve definitely never pulled anything out of a body cavity. That was interesting. I actually had Randy do that. I was having flash back memories of my cousin chasing me around the house with a turkey neck while I screamed my head off. I locked myself in the bathroom and he stood outside the door telling that he and the neck were waiting for me! Sweet memories!
Last night we prepared the turkey to get it ready to cook and it was a whole family event. We had out the video camera and the video is already an instant classic. We were all so grossed out by the whole thing. Melody kept saying, “I see its ears.” She was talking about its wings. The she asked us, “Is that an animal turkey?” When we told her yes Jocie acted like we were barbarians. She thought it was gross but she liked hanging out with us to talk about how gross it was. Spencer who is an “almost vegetarian” had nothing to do with us. He would peek his head in the kitchen every once in a while, but he took advantage of no one else on the computer while we prepared our young turkey. Miles was neither excited nor troubled by our acts. Joey was right in the middle of the whole thing continuously repeating, “Giblet Gravy! Giblet Gravy!” How in the world does anyone eat giblet gravy? That’s horrifying!
So, today I got up so excited to get that turkey in the oven! The spices I put on it last night smelled up my whole house in such a yummy way! I’m looking forward to smelling that turkey all day. Between last night and this morning I’ve called my Mom several times to ask her turkey questions. She doesn’t seem to mind. So far, it’s all good. It will be done around 3 or 4 this afternoon. I really want it to turn out great! Oh, the reason I’m cooking it today is because I’ve got to take it to the church and it has to be de-boned. Mom said I should do it today so that’s what I’m doing.
Last night after we finished preparing the turkey I was talking to my brother on the phone. Melody ended up talking to her 3 year old cousin Connor on the phone. She said, “We cooked a huge turkey! A animal one! A dead one!” He said, “A turkey! Gross!”


Pamelotta said...

I am not planning on fixing a turkey this year, but Elliott and John are going to try to kill one at his dad's place tonight so my plans could change really quick. At that point, I will be wishing I could just reach into a really clean cavity and pull out a bag full of organs. Something tells me I won't find one of those bags in a freshly killed turkey! I'll let you know.

Pamelotta said...

oh, by the way, I'm really proud of you for doing all of that. Waaaay out of your comfort zone. Do you think Netflix will have that video. I'll have to put it in my queue!

Start World Hunger said...

Yeah for you! I've never cooked one either...my day will come in a few years. Until then, I'll keep watching my mom do it...she's a great cook!

High in Demand said...


I just took the turkey out. Jocie was there for the big reveal!

She said, "It looks like a dead man! No, it looks like a lion or tiger without its skin! It looks like a lion that a witch cut off all its skin. Doesn' it?"

I think it looks a little better than that. I haven't tasted it yet. I'll wait for Randy to test it out first! He's the brave one. I hope he is more impressed than Jocie was.