Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Melody's Heart

The girls and I were just painting some upcoming birthday presents and we were chatting and painting together. I squirted Melody some black paint on her plate and it shaped itself into a heart. Melody told me to look at the black heart. Then she said, “I have a black heart.” I looked at her and told her that she didn’t have a black heart. But then she looked at me very seriously and assured me that she did. She said, “Yes, I do have a black heart because I haven’t ever been bath-a-tized.”

She’s been asking a lot of questions lately about having a clean heart. I think it will be very soon that she asks Jesus into her heart. It’s so exciting!

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A life I live... said...

You gave Hannah a letter before she was born and it said "Lord, let the day of her salvation come quickly." After reading that I adopted it and say it over her every night and think of that letter. So, in return, Lord, let the day of Melody's salvation come quickly!!!